What Is True Wireless Stereo?

True Wireless Stereo is an emerging form of technology which has made waves in the audiophile world. With an emphasis on convenience and high-fidelity audio, the term True Wireless Stereo (or TWS) refers to completely wireless earbuds (or in-ear monitors) capable of producing high quality sound.

This technology has enabled us to be more flexible with the tasks we do and truly immerse ourselves in sonic bliss. Moreover with the convenience of wireless, we are able to not feel tied down and perform sports or tasks while listening to music more than we have before.

Twin Wireless Stereo

The True Wireless Stereo Approach

To comprehend true wireless stereo technology, we must first define the terms stereo and true wireless, as TWS technology is the outcome of the union of these two techniques.

Stereo Sound

Stereophonic sound, or stereo sound as it is more commonly known, is among the most prevalent sounds heard today, although it did not become so ubiquitous suddenly. This form of recording was first utilized in the early 1900s, and Disney was among the first firms to employ it in cinemas, but it was not until the 1950s and 1960s that it gained widespread popularity.

Its appeal stems from the idea that stereo sound is more pleasurable and realistic for human hearing than monophonic music, owing to the premise that, as its designers pointed out, individuals have two ears, which is why any sort of stereo recording comprises of two recordings presented at the same time. As a result, if you have two recordings, you have two channels: one for your left ear and one for your right ear.


True Wireless Stereo Technology

True wireless technology is the skill of wirelessly transmitting sound over Bluetooth. A tiny chip integrated into the origin and the receiving equipment enables wireless communication. True wireless headphones, earbuds, and speakers have a number of advantages, the most essential of which is that they do not have any cords.

This implies you won’t have to use cables to link two or all of these gadgets to a network and to an audio source, and you won’t have to utilize the cable to provide current to the devices. They exist in a variety of sizes and designs, with various kinds of rechargeable batteries that can run anywhere from 12 to 15 hours, based on performance and cost. The cheapest speakers and headphones have a battery life of 4 to 8 hours on a single charge.

True wireless gadgets can be utilized individually or as part of a network of compatible gadgets that are linked one to the other. They are portable and may be utilized in various areas of your home or apartment, as well as outside if the build quality permits.

True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use earbud or IEM that may be obtained for an affordable price. They’re lightweight and rechargeable, and you can use them in pairs or just one at a time while doing things like housework, jogging, walking, or perhaps even driving. Due to the absence of cords, true wireless headphones or earbuds allow for greater flexibility.

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (From Sennheiser)

Check out our recommendations for True Wireless Earphones.

True Wireless Speakers

True wireless speakers are those that have constructed rechargeable batteries as their sole source of power, allowing you to be using them around the household or outside without having to set up and maintain a network of cords. They work with smartphones, computers, players, and even televisions, and the audio quality is excellent.

True wireless gadgets can be utilized in couples or as a single system. When it is used in tandem, one item will broadcast the left channel and the other will play the right channel, resulting in a satisfying stereo sound quality.

If you do have two Bluetooth connectivity of the same type that allow pairing or connecting, you can connect them, pair them with the sound output, and utilize them as a stereo audio system. In fact, this normally necessitates the use of an app or a simple remote control to control the music, play, pause, and skip tracks.

True Wireless Speakers (From Behance)

How Does True Wireless Stereo Technology Work?

We’ve already discussed a few of the specifics of this topic, but we ought certainly go over the method of linking genuine wireless gadgets in greater depth. It’s really straightforward, and you can certainly do it on your own, but it wouldn’t harm if we went over it all together.

If you’ve a pair of genuine wireless earbuds or true wireless speakers that are presumed to be linked into a real wireless stereo structure, the very first way to do is turn on Bluetooth and pair one of these gadgets to the chosen sound source smartphone, PC, player, TV, etc. The user guide will generally imply which of those should be used first and can be called the master device.

You’ll want to link the second device, the so-called “slave,” to the master device, not the source, after you’ve effectively paired the first device with the sound source. You’ll be able to use your stereo system, which will play distinct left and right channels, rendering the song more pleasant and realistic to your ears.

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Chips are at the heart of the technology. Each Bluetooth gadget includes an integrated chip that sends and receives sound waves wirelessly. The originating device sends them to the main speaker, which stays mono if the link ends there. If the main speaker is coupled with another speaker, the impulses are sent to the “slave,” and the signal is divided into two channels: left and right. Read our more detailed guide on how wireless earphones work.

True Wireless Technology’s Main Benefits

Cable-free environment

These systems and devices don’t have any cords, which may be tough to comprehend. The link is made using Bluetooth, and the power supply is a rechargeable battery. This feature is perhaps the most crucial benefit of a gadget like this since it allows you to walk around effortlessly anywhere you desire.

If you are using really wireless earbuds, for instance, you will discover that they are so lightweight that you will not be likely to sense them in your ears all or most of the time. They also allow you to move easily without having to worry about cables interfering in your purse or pocket. If you own a pair of truly wireless stereo speakers, moreover, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to relocate them all around yard or house without having to drag their cords with you.

Setup is simple

A true wireless stereo system hasn’t been made. It is not the newest thing on the industry, but it has become very common recently. This is because the innovation has yet to be fully realized. TWS is basically pretty easy, despite the fact that it seems hard when spoken.

Bluetooth connection is required, as well as the ability to associate gadgets with one another. Aside than that, you might need to download an app to allow pairing or regulate the functionality, because nothing is overly hard or complicated.

The gadgets are basic, and the majority of them pair in a matter of seconds. If you need assistance, you can also refer to the user guide, which will walk you through the process in just few simple phases.

The prices are fair

The cost is determined by a variety of factors, including sturdiness, build performance, size, driver reliability, battery life, and so on. It also varies on the producer, and you may have to pay a premium for the name in some situations. True wireless stereo gadgets, on the other hand, are not prohibitively expensive.

Go for it if you have the funds to get Bose speakers and headphones or related items, but if you don’t, you can still find something less expensive. Because the marketplace is so large, you will almost certainly be able to locate a gadget that meets your needs at a reasonable price.

Good quality sound

The sound clarity isn’t horrible, despite the fact that Bluetooth technology isn’t flawless. The old Bluetooth models were far less efficient when it came to data transmission, however the newer versions are far more efficient and can give decent music quality, including Hi-Res sound in some circumstances.

New gadgets that enable one of the most recent Bluetooth variants, as well as aptX HD or LDAC compatibility, can produce excellent sound.

True Wireless Technology’s Major Drawbacks

True wireless earbuds are prone to being misplaced

One drawback of utilizing something so little is the ease with which it can be misplaced. These earbuds are so little and lightweight that you won’t even notice they’re in your ears, and when you’re not conscious of something, it’s easy to lose it.

Battery life is limited

Rechargeable batteries, regardless of how extended they survive, have a finite lifespan, and each charging session brings them near to the end. No matter how long your batteries last, they will eventually run out of power, which can be inconvenient, particularly if you are unable to recharge them. Even if you are, the reality that you’ll have to wait until the charge is completed before you can utilize your gadget again can be irritating.

Sound quality compared to wired

Bluetooth is improving each day, however files are nevertheless reduced, so you can’t genuinely evaluate the audio experience of wired versus wireless speakers and headphones. The highest volume of true wireless earphones is also one of the issues with audio performance. It’s just that they’re incredibly quiet.

The reality that many brands of truly wireless earbuds are advertised as separate devices can exacerbate the situation. This implies they’re even quieter in this configuration than when marketed and used in pairs, since two is always quieter than one. And besides, when you use earphones in both ears, it’s more hard to hear the surrounding sounds.

Control buttons can be challenging to operate

Because the majority of genuine wireless gadgets are mobile and compact, there is insufficient space to accommodate all of the required control buttons. In addition, given our smartphones’ latest tendencies and functionalities, there should be a lot more buttons.

When there isn’t enough room, though, producers can merely put multifunctional buttons to save space. This implies that you can turn your extremely compact earphones on and off with a single button, that you can play or pause music with another button, and that the volume controls may be used to skip tracks.

The scenario with the speakers is similar, only that they have significantly greater area. The buttons on the earphones, on the other hand, may be too complex or small for your fingertips, and the buttons on the speakers may be too difficult to use.


TWS technology isn’t going anywhere. Understanding everything about it will enable you to make a knowledgeable selection about which True Wireless earbuds to purchase. As always, the space is an evolving one and the sound quality between true wireless offerings and wired is only going to get closer.

Now that you’ve finished reading this article, you can put the tips to good use and shop carefully!

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