Best High-End DAPs of 2020

The current marketplace is saturated with portable music players aiming for audiophile sound on the move. This up-to-date comprehensive guide breaks down the latest and greatest digital audio players (DAPs) in sound quality, internal specs, operating system, ease of use and much more.

Best High-End

1. Cayin N8 ($3299)

DAC: AKM 4497EQ (x2)

Amplification: Single-ended (Miniature Direct Heated Triode), Balanced (Quadruple Solid-State)

Storage: 128 GB + TF (up to 512 GB), USB-OTG

The Cayin N8 represents the world’s first digital audio player (DAP) to include Korg NuTube technology. This allows audiophiles to get a taste of that euphonic sweet timbre of the tube in a portable music player format. In addition, the swiss-army knife of an amp features solid-state modalities (both single-ended and balanced) as well as five-stage amplification to upgrade the sound of any headphone or in-ear monitor. While the N8 is on the pricy side of things, it scales tremendously well and deserves a spot in the best high-end DAP territory.

2. Lotoo PAW Gold Touch ($3299)


Amplification: Single-ended (LME49600), Balanced (OPA1622)

Storage: SD Card, Support up to 2 TB UHS II

The Lotoo PAW Gold Touch is a beautifully referenced digital audio player with fantastic build and a sleek design. It provides a great complement to the Cayin N8 for a its neutral and linear sound allowing transducers to shine for what they are. This, coupled with its optimised OS, make it a highly recommended purchase for those seeking high-fidelity sound on the move. Users are also able to select from a variety of Parametric EQ (PMEQ) settings allowing the fine tuning of sound. Like the Cayin N8, there is no option for streaming, but it features bi-directional Bluetooth allowing it to be used as a wireless Bluetooth DAC.

Best All-Rounder

1. Lotoo PAW 6000 ($1200)


Amplification: OPA1622

Storage: SD Card, Support up to 2 TB UHS II

The Lotoo PAW 6000 is clearly cut from the same cloth as the flagship Lotoo PAW Gold Touch. While it shares the same house sound, there is also a touch of warmth with vocals possessing slightly more body and roundedness. The PAW Gold Touch, on the other hand, excels more in imaging and separation. However, at a fraction of the price, the PAW 6000 renders a fantastic sound. It is also features one of the largest battery life (at 16 hours) of any high-tier DAP. With an incredibly fast boot-up time of 2 seconds and blistering OS, the PAW 6000 is an essential DAP for any audiophile’s inventory.

Best Mid-tier

1. FiiO M11 Pro ($649.99)

DAC: AK4497EQ (x2)

Amplification: Dual THX AAA-78 opamps

Storage: 64GB internal storage + 2TB expandable

The M11 Pro brings a high-quality sound to consumers for under $1000. Built on Android OS, the player features a familiar experience for the end-user with ability for streaming and music apps. With many years of experience in the DAP market, FiiO have produced an elegant and futuristic player in the M11 Pro. The overall sound is neutral with excellent transients and detail retrieval. Users can also benefit from the Bluetooth codec support and advanced graphical user interface for ease of convenience. As Google Play Store is not supported currently, third party APK are needed to be able to use popular streaming apps such as Spotify & Tidal.

Best value for money

1. Hidizs AP80 ($149.00)

DAC: ESS Sabre ES9218P

Amplification: N/A

Storage: 1 TB (TF card)

The Hidizs AP80 is an accomplished compact DAP which capitalizes on fantastic dynamics, EQ settings, ease of convenience in the sub $200 category. While there is no streaming, users can access a large library of offline lossless audio within the palm of their hand. The sound is very clear whilst being responsive to EQ changes. For those that wish to maximize their bang for buck, the Hidizs is a very recommended purchase.

2. Shanling M0 ($110)

DAC: ESS Sabre ES9218P

Amplification: N/A

Storage: 512 GB TF card

The Shanling M0 is a highly ultra-portable DAP which is perfect for running or other forms of exercise. The overall sound quality is pleasant out of the box with good punchy bass, clear midrange, and linear treble. Yes, it will not drive the more demanding of headphones, but it does technically well with lower ohm transducers. For those with rather active lifestyle wishing for better sound quality, the M0 suffices.

Honorable Mentions

1. DethonRay Prelude DTR1 ($599.00)


Amplification: Dual TI OPA1611

Storage: 2 TB (Exfat) card

The Prelude DTR1 is an interesting digital audio player which focuses on a music-first approach. Stripping down the bells and whistle of modern DAPs, the DTR1’s sound philosophy concentrates on high quality amplification to provide the best sound. It certainly succeeds as the overall tonality is highly detailed with one of the best transients and rapid dynamics of any DAP in its price category. Moreover, for a compact DAP of it size, it is easily able to drive more resistant headphones and in-ear monitors. The only downside is its battery life and proprietary charger (which may not be the most convenient for some).  

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