ULTRASONE Ruby Sunrise IEMs Released

Based in Bavaria, ULTRASONE is a high-end German company offering products with supreme material selection, quality craftsmanship and patented sound systems.

Their latest release is the $2499 Ruby Sunrise IEMS, a limited pair of earphones, with a 6 driver design with four-way crossover. 4 balanced armature drivers cover the low- to mid-range frequencies whereas two electrostatic drivers (or electrets) work as super tweeters for the high frequencies.

The IEMs come equipped with a gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo plug – including a headphone amplifier known as ULTRASONE Panther. Tips of various sizes are also included to accommodate a host of audiophiles.

The Ruby Sunrise IEMS are however, limited to a total of 100 pieces and known as their ‘collector item’ edition.

Available for $2,499.99 from Manfrotto

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