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SpinFit are a patented ear tip brand with manufacturing origins dating back to 2009. They have since partnered with various in-ear monitor (IEM) companies and some may find their products included as part of an IEM’s accessory items. Their designs are silicone-based with models ranging from narrow to large bore and single to double flange tips.

While there are several ear tip companies in the IEM space, SpinFit aim to define the niche with: supreme comfort, an optimal seal, enhanced sound quality and simple installation. Ear tips are an often-underrated component when choosing the perfect personal audio set-up. They have the ability to fine-tune and even tilt the sound signature of in-ear monitors without the use of aftermarket cables.

Though the changes are often more subtle than changing the cable or digital audio player, storing a collection ear tips is useful to provide an optimal sound for different in-ear monitors during different occasions.  

SpinFit Ear Tips

The Pitch

SpinFit have adopted a simple yet elegant underpinning their ear tip design. There is an ergonomic concave design at the core which allows the ear tip to swivel. While conventional ear tips do not always direct the sound to the eardrum, SpinFit aim to maximize this with their patented 3D axis.

As a result, frequencies are delivered unadulterated and as the manufacturer intended. The material used is a premium-grade silicone designed for ergonomics and long-lasting comfort. A guide tube has also been incorporated to prevent sound losses and further refine the listening experience.

Image from SpinFit.com

The Packaging & Design

The SpinFit arrive in a rather clear and precise packaging with different colors representing the different sizes of each model. There is a good explanation of the patented technology along with measurements of each model. A list of suitable brands would have been a useful addition for consumers know which ear tip models would be suitable for different IEMs. The double-flange CP240 model comes with a selection of adapter inserts making it compatible with an array of smaller nozzle in-ear monitors.

Comfort & Isolation

By their inherent design, silicone models are generally inferior to foam when it comes to prolonged listening sessions. However, unlike some other silicone models, the SpinFit single-flange tips do not irritate or feel particularly obstructive. The use of premium-grade silicone here has definitely aided a more ergonomic listening experience and other companies should follow suit.

Where foam tips are concerned, however, the True Fidelity tips provided with 64 Audio models as well as the Marshmallow tips by Campfire Audio were found to be most comfortable. Interestingly, the SpinFit single-flange tip was more comfortable than MandarinE’s Symbio W hybrid tip (an ear tip with a thin layer of silicone coating an inner thermoplastic memory-foam core).   

SpinFit claim their double-flange tip to offer ‘triple-flange’ isolation. However, Etymotic’s triple-flange eartips generally offered superior levels of noise isolation when compared to SpinFit’s model. With that said, the SpinFit double flange tip was far superior in comfort and it was surprisingly unobtrusive in prolonged listening sessions. With the easy 360o rotation, the SpinFit ear tips were perhaps the easiest silicone eartips to install and remove from any in-ear monitor nozzle.

Fit Guide

SpinFit have developed a wide range of models to suit a range of in-ear monitor models. The core size of each model refers to the inner diameter of the bore with the smallest size being 2 mm and their largest, 5.5 mm. Since this may be confusing for the consumer, the table below illustrates each model by design, core size and general brands suited for each model.

Note that it is best to confer with SpinFit for specific recommendations for a particular model type as this list by no means encompasses all the brands out there.

ModelCore SizeBrand Recommendations
Single Flange
CP8002 mmShure, Etymotic Research
CP1003.8 mmSony, 64 Audio, InEar & many more
CP100+4.5 – 5.5 mmSony, 64 Audio, InEar & many more
CP1454.5 mmAKG, 1More
CP1555.5 mmErato, Jaybird, Empire Ears, Noble, Campfire
CP5005.5 mmCampfire, Meze, Noble, Final Audio
Single Flange (For True Wireless)
CP100Z4 mmB&O, JayBird, Onkyo
CP3505 mmBragi, Optomo NuForce, Nuarl
CP3603.6 mmJabra, Sennheiser, Anker, Sony, B&O, Pioneer
CP10253.6 mmApple AirPods Pro
Double Flange
CP2404 mm1More, Sony, Campfire
CP240 w/ insert3 mm1More, Sony, Campfire
Image from SpinFit.com


SpinFit’s silicone tips do offer subtle improvements compared to stock silicone tips. There is increased articulation and clarity, for example, in all frequency ranges with sharper defined transients and improved linearity.


Quality of the bass from SpinFit tips is quite impressive with well-defined notes and good texturing across the upper bass and lower mid transition. Granted, it does not have as much weight behind it as True Fidelity foam tips or Symbio W hybrid tips. However, it pairs well with already capable in-ear monitors with bass which is tauter and more disciplined.  


The midrange of the SpinFit tips does sway towards the leaner side of the spectrum with more defined transients. Compared to some of the better foam tips (True Fidelity & Campfire Audio’s Marshmallows), the SpinFit’s silicones are more neutral-orientated at the expense of the more rounded and softer impact that the former tips render.


SpinFit tips offers a crisper and well-defined higher frequency range with plenty of detailing and articulacy. Compared to MandarinE’s Symbio W hybrid tips, the SpinFit offers extended highs without the harshness and sizzle that the former tips can bring forth. This can also be seen when the SpinFit tips are compared to the Shure Olives tips – there is a good level of restraint without hiding any micro-details or imagery.

It is impressive the quality of refinement the SpinFit tips are able to extract from the top-end. This is likely owing to its ability to create an effective seal and direct frequencies straight towards the eardrum.

Synergy & Pairing

The SpinFit CP100 works across a range of in-ear monitors including but not limited to: the 64 Audio Tia Fourte, 64 Audio Tia U18 as well as InEar’s ProMission X and Campfire Audio’s Andromeda 2020. In general, they offer improved levels of transparency and a linear neutrality compared to other silicone tips. However, their crisp nature does mean that they are a bit leaner when evaluating note size. Thus, they may not be the best choice for already thin and exacting IEMs.

They do balance out even harmonic signatures providing some better contrasting and odd harmonic flavor. However, quite remarkably, the SpinFit tips do not exacerbate sibilance or compressed sounds at the top-end – this is a big strength especially as it able to portray micro-details without enhancing perceived clarity.

SpinFit’s double-flange tips offer further levels of sound isolation with an even superior seal compared to the flange tips. Again, they are a good fit for poorly isolating in-ear monitors without compromising on comfort during prolonged listening sessions.    

CP100+ Ear Tips

The CP100+ ear tips are a recent release of SpinFit’s and an update to the current CP100 model. The CP100+ tips incorporate medical-grade silicone material to promote a more durable and comforting fit as well as a stiffer inner core. In terms of sonic impressions, there are subtle differences compared to the original CP100 model. For example the CP100+ has a slight bass elevation and more control over the higher frequencies than its original counterpart.

Comfort levels are similar although the new material is said to be even more friendly for those with susceptibility to allergies. Overall, the CP100+ offers some welcomed improvements to the already stellar CP100 and provides even more choice for the IEM enthusiast.


While the SpinFit silicone tips do not provide the most bass impact or authority, they offer a higher level of refinement compared to the Symbio W, Shure Olive & Final Audio E-tips. The Symbio W hybrid tips offer the most contrast here with a more impactful bass and energetic treble. However, the SpinFit tips really master the treble with detail and control that the other silicone tips do not possess.

Foam tips such as True Fidelity & Campfire Audio’s Marshmallow provide a more fatigue-free listen in general but at the expense of utmost clarity and transparency.


SpinFit’s tips are an excellent addition to an audiophile’s inventory with real sonic improvements, exceptional ergonomics and a transparent delineation of sound. The SpinFit silicone tips especially excel in texturing & resolve of the bass, articulacy of the midrange and a detailed yet restraint treble section.

Some may find that tips are a shade crisp for their tastes and hence foam tips may be more their flavor. However, trialling and experimenting with different combinations will aid the quest to find the perfect sound.

No doubt, SpinFit tips remain a recommended purchase and more IEM companies should look to incorporate them as part of accessory gear.

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