Edifier NeoBuds Pro Unveiled

Edifier are an award-winning manufacturer of premium audio systems, bookshelf speakers and personal audio audios. Wishing to get a slice of the wireless market, the Edifier NeoBuds Pro forms the latest in their impressive portfolio of true wireless monitors.

True to their focus on innovation, the Neobuds Pro represents the first Hi-Res certified, noise canceling, truly wireless in-ear monitor in the market that features a dynamic driver, Knowles balanced armature, and LHDC+ACC codec.

Its bi-amping with DSP-based active crossover technology ensures the dynamic driver and balanced armature driver work in tandem to provide ‘deep base as well as crisp treble frequencies’.

The Neobuds Pro incorporates three precisely positioned internal microphones for enhanced noise cancellation algorithm providing clear, wind-resistant indoor/outdoor communicaton.

Paired with advanced low latency gaming mode and 1-hour fast-charging capabilities, the Neobuds Pro are ready for active and continuous use.

With the seamless, sleek and timeless design of the earphones and charging case, unparalleled comfort, chic style, and high-quality technology, the Neobuds Pro are ideal for consistent use by audiophiles with a taste for luxury and value. The Neobuds Pro will be available to pre-order June 2021 with a retail price of $99 on IndieGoGo.

See the full details of the Indiegogo launch here.
For more information on earphones and other Edifier products, please visit Edifier.com.

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