7 Best Wireless Speaker Kits in 2023 – Complete Guide

If there’s anything a pandemic can do to your living room habits—it’s making you notice how much you miss the speakers in the cinema. Surround sound makes watching a movie better by a significant amount. After all, auditory stimulation is the only thing you have next to visual feedback. 

Even if you aren’t an avid cinema-goer, a set of speakers in front and behind you can improve auditory comprehension by a lot! You can either say goodbye to subtitles or to rewinding a scene ten seconds back because you couldn’t hear what they were saying. 

With a wireless speaker kit, you can turn wired speakers into a wireless system! 

How Does a Wireless Conversion Kit Work?

You can think of a wireless kit similar to a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth speaker receives sound from your phone or laptop—the Bluetooth transmitter/source—and plays that sound through the speaker.

A wireless speaker conversion kit works just like this, except directly with radio frequencies. Radio is a better alternative to Bluetooth because the signal is stronger and reaches farther.

The reason why amplifiers come with wireless kits is because the signal from the transmitter needs to be amplified after travelling to play at the right volume. 

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best wireless speaker kits on the market.

Model Transmission RangeOutput PowerEase of setup
Amphony 1800 Wireless Speaker with Amplifiers300 feet40 WattsEasy
OSD WRSK-250 Wireless Subwoofer & Speaker Kit100 feet25 WattsMedium
Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit300 feet40 WattsEasy
Rocketfish Wireless Home Theater Rear Speaker Kit100 feet25 WattsEasy
Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR100 feetN/AMedium
BIC America WTR-Sys Wireless Speaker Kit60 feetN/AEasy
TaoTronics TT-BA014 Wireless Speaker Kit164 feetN/AEasy

How to Pick a Wireless Speaker Kit

Here are the important factors to consider when shopping around for a new wireless speaker kit.

First off, you’ll want to think about the range. How far can the transmission go across your house to the receiver? While a lot of these products boast a 300 feet or 100 feet range, you’ll have to consider some allowances for this.

We recommend allowing an extra 20 percent more than necessary. If you need an 80 foot range, then better invest in a wireless kit that supports up to 100-120 feet in range.

The power output also determines how strong the wireless kit is, which is directly proportional to the audio quality and volume. Other useful considerations to think about would be the easiness of setup and the size of these kits, so you can assure yourself that these will fit in your living room.

Amphony 1800 Wireless Speaker with Amplifiers

The best overall wireless speaker kit

Amphony Wireless Speaker Kit

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Transmission Range: 300 feetOutput Power: 40 Watts
Mount Type: Wall or StandingEase of Setup: Easy
Dimensions: 5 × 3.5 × 2 inchesPower Source: AC

The Amphony 1800 kit is one of the best conversion kits for a multitude of reasons. As the best overall wireless speaker kit, it’s easy to set up, easy to connect, and has some impressive features.

Audio Quality and Range

The kits receiving and transmitting signal is extremely far, at 300 feet in direct line of sight and 100 feet when blocked by walls. Because the signal and frequency is sent without compression, the audio quality remains pristine and high-quality. 

Both wireless amplifiers are small and compact, making them easy to hide and transfer. Although these are small, they pack an impressive 40-watt power output that will give listeners excellent audio even at higher volumes. 

Individual Controls

Having a wireless transmitter can be a hassle, especially when you have to go to another room just to adjust the volume of the amplifier. Luckily, the Amphony 1800 lets each receiver have its own adjustable volume, making it easy to find the right volume for the room you’re in. 

Multi-Channel Support

The transmitter can pair up to four receivers, although it only supports two channels—left and right. 

OSD WRSK-250 Wireless Subwoofer & Speaker Kit

The runner-up best wireless speaker kit with the most compact design.

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Transmission Range: 100 feetOutput Power: 25 Watts (per channel)
Mount Type: StandingEase of Setup: Medium
Dimensions: 2 × 7 × 4 inchesPower Source: Corded Electric

OSD Audio has a good contender for first place here. The wireless subwoofer and speaker kit has a compact design, with the black and sleek color matching most modern house interiors.

Smaller Houses

The compact design of the WRSK-250 means it can’t deliver as much power output as the Amphony 1800. This limits the capability of this kit to smaller speakers that don’t require as much power, perfect for smaller houses or casual speaker systems.

Because the kit is so small, it fits and hides easily behind speakers. Perfect for consumers who appreciate the minimalist design.

Kit Compatibility

The conversion kit can convert most speakers up to the 5.1 system. Coming with a dedicated subwoofer channel, the wireless kit has access to 34 different channels and frequencies—assuring that your speakers will have the best frequencies to choose from.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the WRSK-250 is excellent for its size, but don’t expect it to power speakers across your house. OSD made an affordable and compact wireless kit, perfect for the casual consumer who wants a wireless speaker but not ideal for whole-house connections. 

Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit

Budget-friendly and packs the same punch as the best wireless speaker kits.

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Transmission Range: 300 feetOutput Power: 40 Watts (per channel)
Mount Type: StandingEase of Setup: Easy
Dimensions: 5 × 2 × 3.5 inchesPower Source: AC

If the Amphony 1800 was too much for you, here’s a step down the ladder that’s still in the right direction. Amphony’s model 1700 comes with one amplifier, but still has all the outstanding features of the model 1800.

Strong Signal and Sound Quality

The model 1700 reaches 300 feet with line-of-sight connection and 100 feet when blocked by walls. The receiver can hook up to two speakers, and the transmitter can send signals up to four receivers. With a powerful 40-watt power output, you can expect the amplifiers to work well with large speakers.

Setting Up

Setting up the wireless system is as easy as pressing a button. The transmitter and receiver that come together easily pair with each other right off the bat. The transmitter works with other wireless speakers or receivers, so you can hook up idle receivers in your home to the Amphony 1700.

Transmission Technology

The audio transmitted and received is uncompressed, which retains the original high-quality sound of the audio from its source. Although there’s only one receiving amplifier, you can connect two speakers to this system. 

Rocketfish Wireless Home Theater Rear Speaker Kit

The best wireless speaker kit for the easiest setup

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Transmission Range: 100 feetOutput Power: 25 Watts (per channel)
Mount Type: Wall or StandingEase of Setup: Easy
Dimensions: 15.1 × 9.4 × 3.6 inchesPower Source: Corded Electric

Another modern and sleek design, the Rocketfish RF-WRSK18 is a large wireless kit that comes in a clean black case. 

Setting Up

While some wireless kits will require you to find a channel or press a button to connect the transmitter and receiver together, Rocketfish gave consumers a better option. Right out of the box, once both are connected to a power source, the transmitter and receiver automatically pairs.

From there, all you need to do is plug in the receiver to your wired speakers and Voila! Your wireless system is complete.

Sound Quality

While it doesn’t have the best power output on the market, it does its job. With 25 Watts, you can expect sound quality and volume that’s more than enough for a comfortable home theater experience. Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms.

Versatile Mounts

The Rocketfish RF-WRSK18 can be laid flat on the table, or mounted on the wall against other wall-mounted speakers. The design of Rocketfish’s wireless kit is clean and minimalistic, which works exceptionally well on minimalist styled homes. 

Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR

The best budget wireless speaker kit

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Transmission Range: 100 feetOutput Power: N/A
Mount Type: StandingEase of Setup: Medium
Dimensions: 6.5 × 5 × 2.5 inchesPower Source: AC

Black isn’t for everyone, which is why Dynasty ProAudio’s WSA-5TR is an excellent and affordable white-cased addition to this list!

45-Channel Options

If frequency and signal disturbance is something you have to worry about, the WSA-5TR has over 45 channels to choose from. The receiver and transmitter automatically jump between radio frequency, with over 45 to choose from, ensuring that you’ll get the best quality audio even if you have multiple phones, Wi-Fi, or wireless interruptions.

Affordable and Premium

Audio quality is top-class with this kit, transmitting CD-quality uncompressed audio to between the receiver and the transmitter. This ensures that the audio quality remains pristine from the source to its destination.

The line-of-sight range covers up to 100 feet and 50 feet when blocked by walls. 

5.2 to 5.8GHz

Having a 5GHz frequency lets the WSA-5TR perform faster, taking advantage of the closer range. This helps avoid hiccups in the system, like cut sound, static, and noise. At the same time, since most modems follow a 2.4GHz frequency, the 5GHz wireless kit will help avoid competing against your Wi-Fi for frequency. 

BIC America WTR-Sys Wireless Speaker Kit

Another excellent budget wireless speaker kit 

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Transmission Range: 60 feetOutput Power: N/A
Mount Type: Velcro WallEase of Setup: Easy
Dimensions: 8.27 × 8.27 × 1.97 inchesPower Source: AC

Last but not the least, BIC America’s WTR-Sys model is a plug-and-play convenience that’s perfect for small rooms and cozy living room theaters.

USB Powered

Although the compact wireless kit comes with two power plugs, both the transmitter and receiver can be powered by a USB plug. This adds a lot of versatility and value to consumers who don’t have sockets readily available and would like to avoid messy extension wires. 

Plug and Play

The system is as plug and play as you can get. Simply plug the transmitter and receiver into a power source, and they’ll connect automatically, ready for use! 

Sound Quality

This system works perfectly for small to medium-sized rooms, however, it isn’t exactly whole-house compatible. The range covers only up to 80 feet, line of sight, and 60 feet when obstructed by walls. 

If you’re just looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and high-quality wireless kit then consider getting the WTR-Sys from BIC.

TaoTronics TT-BA014 Wireless Speaker Kit

Great budget kit with impressive transmission range

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Transmission Range: 164 feetOutput Power: N/A
Mount Type: StandingEase of Setup: Easy
Dimensions: 1.77 x 1.3 x 0.35 inchesPower Source: AC

Dual pairing

The TaoTronic supports a dual modality connection which allows the pairing of two Bluetooth headphones/speakers in TX mode. This is excellent for sharing music with another person.

Exceptional range

The TaoTronic packs in an impressive 164 feet range which allows users to connect it with the freedom from cables. While not the absolute best in its class, it is certainly one of the better offerings for audio connection over larger distances.


So there you have it – our current best wireless speaker kits on the market. With the move towards more space in the home and the increased growth of the home theater market, wireless speaker kits will no doubt serve popular for both the budding enthusiast as well as the more seasoned audiophile. Have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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