7 Best Tower Speakers Of 2023

Have you been looking for an upgrade to your sound system? You should look for nothing less than quality. Go for a system that will make the late-night movie experience exciting and immersive. To enjoy this, you should try the tower speaker collections. They are made by various brands and are all connected by a similar design among other features.

You might not be sure which one to pick as they all look shiny and appealing on the shelves. So, what are some of the things to look for when purchasing a good speaker? Read on to find out.

What Are Tower Speakers?

Tower speakers are also known as floor-standing speakers. They are speakers that do not need any support center as they can be positioned on their own. They project better audio as compared to other systems owing to their size and deeper bass response

. This allows them to fill a room with ease. There are many types of tower speakers as can be seen below.

ProductConnectivitySpeaker Type
SVS Prime Pinnacle Floor-standing SpeakerN/ATower
Polk Audio T50 Floor Standing Tower Speaker  WiredTower
Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing SpeakerN/ATower
Klipsch R-26FA Dolby Atmos Floorstanding SpeakerWiredTower
Jamo Studio Series S809 Floor-Standing Speaker WiredTower
Q Acoustics 3050i Floor Standing Speaker Wired Tower
Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F WiredTower

SVS Prime Pinnacle Floor-Standing Speaker

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It’s a 3.0 surround sound channel with a reliable midrange driver and a rated bandwidth of 29 Hz to 25Khz. Here are reasons why this tower speaker is our number one on the list.

Sound Quality

SVS prime pinnacle speaker is designed to give a well-defined and smooth sound. Its bass is something you will not get tired of, not to mention its dynamic impact. This unit features a new midrange driver that offers pinpoint accuracy and a wide soundstage that will leave you completely immersed in the music world with an audio experience that you will cherish.

Also, its premium tweeter ensures that your sound has highs that are super clear with a purity and feel that you will love. The highs remain real no matter the level you set for listening.

Another fantastic sound feature of this beast is the bass output. It’s made for your room with an out of the world performance thanks to the three unmatchable woofers the unit boasts. Also, the transmission from midrange to mid-bass is smooth, and the three port tuning frequencies ensure that the low-frequency response is not sacrificed.


You will not regret having this unit in your room since it adds to your décor. Its style is friendly and will fit into your space effortlessly. Its  sleek body will make a statement in your room, not to mention the space-saving feature. This is a worthy investment, and you should not hesitate to have it.


  • Unmatchable performance
  • High-quality speakers
  • Fairly priced


  • They are a bit tall and heavy

Polk Audio T50 Floor Standing Tower Speaker

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The Polk Audio Floor Standing Speaker is reasonably priced compared to other systems. The Polk audio speaker contains front ports that allow you to set them close to the wall. As compared to the modern speakers, this feature comes as an advantage to its users. The device is suitable for small and mid-sized rooms.


The Polk Audio T50 150 is designed in an upright rectangle form and will make a statement in your living room. It is a tower speaker that consists of one tweeter, one medium 6.5″ drive and two bass radiators each 6.5″. The tower speaker has dimensions of 9.25 x 8.75 x 36.6 inches in length, width and height respectively.


The Polk Audio T50 150 features some of the classic makes of its generation. With a one- inch tweeter, a 6.5-inch drive and two 6.5 inches bass radiators, you are assured of having the ultimate experience in your place.

Functionality /Compatibility

The tower speaker system is ideal for the ultimate gaming experience, music and movie amplification. The T series of Polk audio offers some great sounds but also enhances the audio experience. Additionally, it is compatible with small, medium-sized or large rooms.

Moreover, it can be used to create a full-fledged 5.1 home theatre setup. Thus, providing you with a variety of set-up options for your home theatre and AV receivers.


  •  Value of your money
  • Durable
  • Better sound quality
  • Great bass quality
  • Quality of material


  • Designed for small or mid-sized rooms.

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

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The speaker is well built and appealing to the eye. It has a good huge bass and is sturdy. This unit takes the digital music world ablaze as it provides the user with high-resolution music. Moreover, Sony electronic products are known to offer better quality as compared to other market competitors.


Manufactured by the iconic Sony company, the Sony SSCS3 has earned its name. Not only does it have a tweeter and bass drives, but it also consists of a subwoofer. With an easy to use design, the Sony sscs3 is the one to purchase when considering a unique design for a tower system. The product measures 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches hence it can be fitted in small rooms.

Audio Setting

The system consists of a new 5.12 woofer setting that enhances a better bass experience as compared to the previous series of systems. The new setting enables deep and stable bass when adjusting the volume. Moreover, you will endure high-resolution audio with a mica reinforced cellular cone on your speaker.


With a three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system, the sonny SSCS3 is made to amplify your music, movie and gaming experiences. Also, it enhances a robust 5.1.2 home theatre setup flawlessly for Dolby Atmos with a complete range of CS speakers. 


  • Durable
  • Value of your money
  • Quality of material
  • Great sound quality
  • Massive bass quality 


  • No adjustments for bass and tweeter combinations
  • Not bluetooth enabled

Klipsch Reference R-26FA

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Our list of tower speakers can’t be complete without mentioning the Klipsch reference speaker. It is one of the best high-end speakers that will give you value for your money. Buy this unit for the following reasons.

Sound Quality

We all know that the number one reason people invest in speakers is the love of good sound. Klipsch is a sure bet in sound delivery because it offers the listener a stereo sound. This is because it has an elevation channel on its top. 

Besides, the speaker distributes the sound up to the ceiling; thus, you can immerse yourself in whatever content you listen to.

Another reason why Klipsch is a cutting edge is that it boasts an aluminium tweeter which enables it to give a high-end response and powerful dynamics; thus, you can enjoy a natural and clean sound anytime you are home.


Even if black isn’t your color, you can’t resist the sleek and cute look of the Klipsch unit. The speaker is strongly built in a cabinet, and therefore you will have them for a long time. Besides floor standing, you can mount the speaker on your ceiling.


  • Amazing sound
  • Made for both small and big rooms
  • Value for money


  • No front grills
  • Heavyweight

Jamo Studio Series S809 Floor-Standing Speaker

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Your search for a high-end speaker that matches its design and sound ends here. Jam studio series is detailed, transparent and made with waveguide acoustic technology. This floor-standing speaker boasts several features, and here are the main ones.


Jamo has three aluminium woofers and a soft dome tweeter that delivers an incredible acoustic performance. At the top of the speaker cabinet is a patent-pending connection that makes it easy for them to integrate with the S8 ATM Topper for the Dolby Atmos delivery.

The speaker also has soft dome tweeters that ensure the frequency of the sound is smooth and well-refined for that low-end yet balanced cinematic feel.

On the other hand, the speaker offers real-life reproduction and a dynamic sound with high-frequency thanks to its integrated waveguide.

Design and Build

You will not regret having this unit in your living room because it is uniquely built. The metal fasteners are integrated atop the cabinet, thus providing a sleek, modern look. The patent-pending design makes room for all the wire connections behind the tower speaker, and therefore you won’t have to deal with wires all over the place.

Jamo studio leaves you immersed in the world of music and rings a beautiful appearance into your space.


  • High power handling capacity
  • Low price
  • Elegant, sturdy and heavy


  • Tendency for sharp highs

Q Acoustics 3050i Floor Standing Speaker

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Even though the Q Acoustics brand is not so famous, they have attained a name in the production of audio systems. This floor-standing speaker is worth your money because it doesn’t lose the original tone and primary balance but offers a more refined sound.


Q Acoustics 3050i tower speaker is an energetic speaker that offers a sonic performance. This speaker produces pure sound and an accurate soundstage because it utilizes the point to point technique.

Additionally, this speaker has high precision drivers that create a wide surround, thus ensuring the stereo is well dispersed. The other best part of it is the vibrations from the woofers are isolated, and therefore the performance of tweeters is not interfered with.

Sound Quality

The Q Acoustics speaker is an incredible performer for the money.  It gives a transparent and detailed sound whose expression is dynamic. The transparency is first made possible by the speaker’s tweeters that take care of any vibrations ensuring your sound remains pure with no or reduced interruption.

On the other hand, the speaker has a powerful mid/bass driver, which is well coated to give an ideal balance between self-damping and stiffness effect. It ensures that it smoothly accelerates and accurately stops without causing any resonances.


Q Acoustics is a beauty both on the outside and inside. The speaker is fully enclosed, and it is available in four modern finishes, including English walnut, grey, white and black. They all have magnetic grills and are well finished, with each driver being covered using a beautiful chrome. No matter where you place this speaker, it will look good.


  • Available in several colors
  • High-frequency driver
  • Offers deep bass


  • No connectivity options
  • Not easy to use

Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F

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Besides being affordable, Paradigm has everything you would want from a tower speaker. From good and natural sound to clarity to design. This speaker is not just built, but it is built on research, and therefore, you can trust its quality and performance.

If you are still wondering why you should consider this beast, the features below will convince you.


Paradigm is built to offer you maximum performance with its patented tweeter technology. The tweeters have an aluminium dome and PPA lens. These design blocks out of range frequencies; hence the output is smoothened and increased without affecting the sound.

Also, with the PPA technology, the performance of the tweeters is improved, and they are protected from damage. Another outstanding functionality feature that makes this unit worth the cost is the high bass and midrange performance. This is made possible by the cones, which are filled with minerals and lightweight dust caps.


These speakers are made for modernity, thanks to their beautiful finishes. Their cabinets are generously polished with a European fit and finish making them fit in any stylish décor. No matter the model you choose from this brand, you will get it in matte black and high-gloss white finishes. You can be sure to enjoy an incredible home theatre experience with Paradigm at an incredible value.


  • State of the art technology
  • High performing loudspeakers
  • Spectacular sound quality


  • Not best for movies

Buying Guide For The Best Tower Systems

You need to have an idea of what you are buying and since choosing a good tower speaker is not easy, here is a guide on how to pick one.

Types of Drivers for Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are some of the largest speakers that can be customized for your place. Therefore, you need to figure out what they contain and their impact on your environment.

When considering tower speakers, there are four drivers that should be put into consideration. Nonetheless, they vary depending on the manufacturer but can produce either low, mid, or high frequencies.

Tweeters: These are small drives that aid in the output of high pitch sounds. They are generally found at the top of the speaker with frequencies of 2000 to 30000Hz. The type of tweeter can help in identifying a good tower speaker. Cheap speakers use cone tweeters which will not distribute good sound.

Midrange drivers: They cover a frequency range of 500 to 2000Hz. They are generally used for both vocals and instrumentals hence they are essential in getting the best sound out of your tower system. They can also be made from different materials that determine the type of quality they offer. You should consider looking for fabric or metal drivers and avoid paper drivers.

Woofers: This is a drive that is used to generate bass frequencies in your tower system. They range between 40 to 1000Hz in terms of frequency. Moreover, they are the reason why people use tower speakers instead of the general speaker systems.

Woofers are the oversized parts of any tower speaker and require massive power to function. Some people are dependent on the woofers as they produce great sound however, others go on to look for subwoofers.

Subwoofers: Despite their little significance in any tower system. They are essential in providing perfect pitches in your crib. Subwoofers amplify bass sounds and lower frequencies between 20 to 200 Hz. They work perfectly with a home theatre system.

Audio quality

The basic structure of tower speakers is big and heavy. Therefore, they are able to produce heavy sound beats as compared to other speakers. When investing in tower speakers, you should be sure of the kind of energy you want in your crib.

Different tower speakers have various output powers hence vary in the amount of sound produced. Audio quality features include the vibration rhythm when tracking down your playlist which is a sensational feeling for the majority of people.

Hence, they opt to look for tower speaker systems.


The cost of the speakers is another factor to consider. If you want a great sound, you consider the price of the speaker first. A good tower system will have the best quality of tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers but such are highly priced.

Also, some people buy tower systems depending on the company they are manufactured from. Since they price their products differently.

The big brands produce quality systems however, they are a bit expensive as compared to the small companies. Nonetheless, small organizations might also have quality products but the established companies are better. Involve due diligence in your research to get value for your money.


The number of speakers you are bringing home matters. Size depends on the positioning of your system at home and also the output of the speaker. With a spacious room, you are sure to exploit your space with big and quality speakers as compared to small spaces. Small rooms often limit the user in getting a big tower speaker that has better output than small ones.


The essence of owning a massive tower speaker is the gauge value it offers. Despite the quality, some tower speakers vibrate too much hence becoming a burden rather than an asset at home. However, if the cabinet is poorly constructed, you have a higher chance of having more vibrations than quality sound.

The cabinet should be constructed with quality material that can withstand the vibration from the speaker output. Reinforced MDF is the commonly used cabinet structure as it can withhold vibrations and provide quality sound from the speaker.

Also, speakers should not be made to sit on the floor. This will affect the sound production, thus, speakers should be provided with an extra layer of the base to facilitate efficient sounds and reduce more frequent vibrations in your crib.

Sensitivity and volume

When you have a small house, consider using an 85dB frequency, and for larger rooms use a 90dB. Understanding the correct frequency is essential to measure the amount of vibration in your house and also the power output required. Consider the neighborhood and also your electricity bills as well when looking for a tower system speaker in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are bigger speakers louder?

Yes, bigger speakers tend to be louder. They contain a higher output power as compared to small speakers. Also, they are constructed with a cabinet that offers room for vibration. The bigger the speaker, the more beneficial it is in bass and tweeter output. Thus, they have a higher frequency as compared to normal speakers.

2. How many watts should a good speaker have?

A great speaker should generally range from 5 to 30 watts. However, this depends on the room you are planning to put the speaker in. Moreover, you should consider the power consumption as tower speakers with high watts tend to use more power compared to other speakers. 

3. Can Tower Speakers be placed in a horizontal state?

Yes, when creating a surround sound, you can place your speakers anyhow to provide the ultimate result in your room. However, tower speakers are generally placed at the front but can also be put at the rear.

4. Are Tower Speakers good for a home theatre?

Yes, tower speakers are the best to use as home theatre appliances. They provide powerful sounds and are all around when they are set up accordingly and with the right calibration of frequency all around. They will offer a better experience when listening to your tracklist.

5. Do Floor Standing Speakers Need a Subwoofer?

Not necessarily. The tower speakers have great frequency output and may not require subwoofers. However, if you need better experience and perfect pitches around your room, you have many options of a tower speaker system that comprises both the woofer and subwoofers.


The above discussed speakers are of great quality and are worth your money. They are well designed to fit in your room and will offer the kind of sound you have always wanted. Also, they are space-saving and fairly priced.

This guide has discussed all their features in depth and also how you can choose the best and get value for your money. Bring a theatre experience to your home by purchasing any of the best tower speakers and you will be glad you did.

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