Best Low Profile Center Channel Speakers

Have you been searching for the best low profile center channel speakers to buy for your home? Perhaps you need a top-performing speaker but need the space. Low profile center channel speakers fit the bill with their affordability and small footprint.

The center channel is an important type of speaker used for dialog, music and special effects. Choosing the right one therefore is an important piece of purchase to guide your movie and TV watching experience.

Our guide highlights the best low profile center channel speakers which will fit in to your minimalist space to achieve great sound output for its size and price.

Best Low Profile Center Channel Speakers 

Low Profile Center Channel SpeakersWeight (Pounds)Dimensions (Inches)
KEF T301C Center Channel Speaker423.6 x 1.4 x 5.5 
Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Speaker Center Channel3.353.5 x 15 x 4
Klipsch Synergy Black Label C-200146.47 x 19.8 x 7.5
Yamaha NS-C210BL4.405.2 x 13.4 x 4.2
Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000126.5 x 17 x 6.5
Micca MB42-C57.1 x 15 x 5.3 
Sony SSCS812.319.7 x 10.7 x 8.7

Your search for the best center channel speaker to buy is over! Below are the 7 best low profile center channel speakers to pick from. 


low profile center channel speakers

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Design and Quality

Whether you want to carry your T301C while going to the beach or the bedroom, you can always do that since it’s portable. Besides, it weighs only 4 pounds. 

It features 2, 4.5” mid-frequency drivers, which are double layered. Its aluminum tweeter is 1”. The depth, on the other hand, is 1.25”. 

What’s more? You can mount it next to your flat TV, or anywhere else you wish to make your living room the center of attention. 


KEF T301C rids off every annoying resonance from the slim cabinet. The radical twin-layer bass as well as the midrange unit, found in this speaker makes this possible.

Praised for the clear human voice output, KEF T301C offers clear and uncompromised sound production. Besides, it produces unadulterated high notes. 

Whatever the level of the volume you set your device to, your tweeter’s clarity won’t be compromised. Unfortunately, you may need a subwoofer if you love much bass. 

Did you know you can use KEF T301C for DVD players, sound systems, televisions as well as gaming consoles? Definitely, its worth is noticeable. 

Nonetheless, when mounted on a wall, the sensitivity stands at 91dB. When on a stand, for example, your coffee table, its sensitivity lowers to 88dB. T301C features an output of 300 Watts (maximum).


  • Easily portable due to its small size and lightweight
  • Gives sound output with clarity even at high volumes and the center channel is top-notch
  • Features a high output (300 Watts)
  • Has a high level of sensitivity 
  • Blends well with any room 
  • You don’t need to connect to a power outlet


  • May cause disturbance to neighbors if on max volume
  • Doesn’t have much bass

Polk Audio Blackstone TL1

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Design and Quality 

Whether you’re a techie folk or not, it will take you an incredibly few minutes to set up your Polk Audio Blackstone TL1. Featuring a unique curve, it blends well with other satellite speakers. 

Therefore, if you like, you can buy a subwoofer and satellite speakers to have an even more powerful output.  

How many satellites to buy, however, depends on the size of your room plus the quality of the sound you’re looking for.

Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 high notch construction makes it one of the most durable center channel speakers you can buy in the 21st century. 

However, based on your location, for example, if you’re outside of the U.S, an adapter might be your other vital asset. Alternatively, buy a converter. 

Otherwise, your item might blow. It would, therefore, help to check if the device will work in your country before buying. 


This center channel has won the hearts of many due to its ability to harmoniously connect fast to any receiver. 

With the ability to reduce distortions and any diffraction, this low profile center channel speaker aligns the tweeter’s acoustic centers plus its mid-bass. 

Consequently, the sound output is audible.  Without a doubt, anyone would think there’s a new theater around their home due to its premium audio output.

What’s more?  

When fully set up, you would confuse your center channel speaker for a large system because of the excellency of its sound. Moreover, there are 2 drivers, each 2.5”. 

In addition, it has injection-molded cones and a silk dome tweeter that measures 0.5”. 

The aperiodic tuned reap port enhances the quality of the sound further. So, whether you set it up on the wall or place it on the shelf, Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 will still produce clear audio with a top-notch bass. That’s not all, operating it is easy, too.   


  • Light, so can be mounted on the wall
  • Low price but high-quality
  • Minimal sound distortion with high production of bass
  • Compatible with all 10in Polk subwoofers and TL1 satellites
  • Suitable for watching movies due to clear sound output 
  • Ease of operation


  • Speaker wires aren’t of good quality, but you can replace them with better ones
  • Features a 125 maximum watt
  • May need the addition of satellites and subwoofers to perform excellently 

Klipsch Synergy Black Label C-200

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Design and Quality 

If you’re addicted to music, or you simply love working while there’s some music in the background, then this C-200 is your best speaker. Here’s why. This speaker is designed to offer continued hours of clear sound output.  

Nonetheless, for C-200 to release audio signal as well as power, you’ve to connect it to an amplifier. An AV receiver would be an alternative. 

Thankfully, this speaker is characterized by a contemporary finish (black vinyl), so you don’t have to change the color of other furniture. 

Though C-200 has a power cord, it doesn’t have external wiring, so you might have to buy one if need be. 

This speaker isn’t suitable for wall mounting. Klipsch Synergy Black Label C-200 stands on the floor or bookshelves firmly even at its full blast. 


With the latest technology being incorporated in Klipsch Synergy Black Label C-200, this can only be the best center channel to buy this year. 

So, what’s in the latest technology? IMG woofers that offer a high bass that leaves you yearning for more music. Also, the device has a tweeter. Made of aluminum, the tweeter’s sound is elevated a little and its quality remains intact. 

Therefore, it gives a high-frequency output that is also amazingly clear. Moreover, there’s a low distortion due to the linear travel suspension technology. 

Simply put, when you buy Klipsch Synergy Black Label C-200, you get to hear every note audibly and with clarity.  

To enjoy continued top-quality audio output, ensure the speaker has enough power. This way, even its components will serve you for many years. 

It’s a perfect device for music and movie enthusiasts. Due to its high frequency, which ranges between 82Hz to 23kHz, this speaker has found its way into many homes. Why should you be left out? 

Unlike the above speakers, C-200 has a high watt (400). Amazingly, it uses minimal energy while still offering the best sound output. It offers even better sound production when connected to a sub-120 woofer. If you wish, add dual B-200 bookshelf speakers. Dual F-300 floor-standing speakers also work well with C-200. 


  • Suitable for both small and large homes and blends with all colors
  • Offers top-quality sound 
  • Has a high bass
  • Great for use by people who listen to music 24/7
  • Uses low power energy
  • Strong enough so doesn’t fall even when under continued use


  • Cannot be mounted on the wall 
  • May break if it falls

Yamaha NS-C210BL

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Design and Quality

Here’s another slim center channel speaker. It’s this design that makes it match all flat-panel TVs. Besides, as the manufacturer says, you get a lifetime warranty unless you buy yours from unauthorized dealers. 

So, be on the lookout before making payment. It’s characterized by a ⅞ inches tweeter, which is well balanced for high-quality sound output and speed. Also, NS-C210BL is a reflex, double-way speaker. 

This Yamaha product is designed to be light and can easily be mounted on the wall if you like. Sadly, most people say that it’s stiff. Nonetheless, due to its high-speed cone movement, it enhances ‘fast attack’, which makes it a sought-for product.  


NS-C210BL is designed with cinema lovers in mind. As such, it boosts the effectiveness of High Definition devices. So, whether it’s a movie you’re watching, listening to the recent hit song, or catching your favorite program on TV, NS-C210BL produces clear and audible voices. 

Being made of aluminum also means that this is the best product for people looking for low-profile speakers with uncompromised bass. Thanks to Yamaha, the product also produces clean and undistorted sounds. 

With a maximum output of 80 Watts and 6 ohms impedance, it is compatible with NS-F210 floor standers and NS-SW210 subwoofers. It also works well with NS-B210 bookshelf speakers. 


  • Have a unique sound output due to the presence of aluminum cone woofers plus the tweeter
  • Can be mounted on walls or placed on bookshelves
  • Lightweight and small to suit all home sizes
  • Works well with Yamaha products, hence can be great for creating a home theatre 
  • Produces excellent sound on all HD devices
  • Suitable for heavy usage


  • Has no magnetic shielding
  • If mishandled may break down due to its material 

Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000

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Design and Quality

Manufactured by Definitive Technology, ProCenter 2000 are among the best speakers for home entertainment. 

It matters not where you want to place this speaker as it features various placement options.  Depending on where you want to have it, you can use the rear-panel keyhole slot. This is ideal when you want to mount your speaker on the wall. 

Alternatively, use a ¼” to 20” threaded insert, which is found at the back of this center channel speaker. When buying this product, you also get a pedestal foot. With it, your speaker will be safe on the Prostand or bookshelf. 

You, however, buy the Prostands, separately if you need them. 


Get to enjoy a cinematic experience while still at the comfort of your home by buying the ProCenter 2000. To get the best out of your product, however, you must pair your low profile center channel speaker with a ProSub 1000 subwoofer.

In addition, you need to pair it with 4 ProMonitor 1000 satellite speakers. 

Due to the drivers used in these speakers, their sound output cannot be equal to any other. 

They include a 1” tweeter (aluminum dome), which enhances the production of clear, detailed audio with exceptional bass, two proprietary 5 ¼” BDSS drivers, and two 5 ¼” bass radiators.  Regardless of the volume settings (low or high) ProCenter 2000 has top-notch sound production. With no distractions whatsoever, this speaker is suitable for action-packed sound sequences.  


  • No sound distraction and improved sound output due to the BDSS drivers 
  • High power output 500 Watts
  • Possible to set up on walls or bookshelves 
  • Frequency response level is 42 Hz to 30 kHz, with a 91dB efficiency  


  • Doesn’t work well with an under 30 sub-bass
  • Compared to its price, the sound could be better

Micca MB42-C

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Design and Quality

Featuring a high-class design, Micca MB42-C blends well with other furniture. Its small size makes it possible to use it in any room, large and small. 

The silk dome tweeter feature boosts the speaker’s performance.  Due to the drives found in this speaker, its imaging is excellent. It also has a wide dispersion which makes them the most sought for by the dot-com generation. 

Though you need a receiver when using a Micca MB42-C, this speaker has a complete complement that allows the connection of wires. The 5-way binding post, which is full size allows the connection of wires. 

If, however, you don’t wish to use a receiver, use an amplifier. If you want to add style to your already elegant home, get yourself this low profile speaker. Due to its classy cloth grill and rounded corners, your speaker would be the center of attraction for your guests, not to mention, its sift bevels. 


Enjoy minimized sound production distortions and extended bass when you purchase the Micca MB42-C. This product features a ported enclosure. It’s ideal for use in homes where the family enjoys watching movies and listening to music because it produces clear voices even when there are dialogues. 

While the cost isn’t exaggerated, Micca MB42-C tops the list of the high-performance speakers for the 21st century. If you, therefore, have MB42 bookshelf speakers, you can use them with this speaker as they’re compatible. 

While its sensitivity is 86dB, its maximum power output is 100 Watts. The frequency output, on the other hand, ranges between 60Hz to 20Khz. 

With MB42-C, you get a slightly smooth but consistent treble. The bass, on the other hand, is punchy yet tight. The mids, though, are incredibly clear for everyone. 


  • Its silk dome tweeter is 0.75”  
  • Features binding post (5-way)
  • Classy design, yet simple
  • Not highly-priced when compared to its sound production 


  • Not self-powered — must buy a receiver or an amplifier 
  • It’s bass isn’t as good as most movie lovers would want 

Sony SSCS8

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Design and Quality

Due to quality sound output, which is attributed to the mica woofer diaphragms, you can use these speakers in large rooms.

With this model, you get a supple sound that ain’t compromised, thanks to the foamed, 2 layer diaphragms.

Besides, the professionally designed tweeter, with exceedingly wide dispersion, boosts the balancing of vocals and enhances the production of high-frequency audio response. Usually, not more than 50kHz.  

This response rate is vital in high-resolution listening which is characterized by wide directionality. 

You can use this center channel speaker in big rooms as it features a 2-way 3-driver. 


The unequaled bass is enough to keep you fully relaxed in your room all day as you listen to all of your best artists, not to mention the bass is natural in all frequency ranges. 

Not forgetting, there’s a low rate of signal loss due to the crossover componentry networks, which are not only top-quality but also sufficiently optimized. So, during the production of energetic vocals, you’ll witness almost no loss of signals. This is amazing bearing in mind that their prices aren’t high, either. 

To eliminate vibration during use, ensure that you’ve safely mounted your speakers directly to your cabinets.  


  • Produces a well harmonized and balanced bass 
  • Features a tweeter with an amazingly wide dispersion
  • Suitable for large rooms, since the 2-way 3-driver produces clear and audible sounds
  • Cheap when compared to other low profile center channel speakers


  • Cannot be mounted 

Best Low Profile Center Channel Speakers Buying Guide

Sound Production Quality

The determining factor of the quality of the sound production of your center channel speakers are the drivers.  To have the best value out of your hard-earned money, pick speakers with 3-way drivers. These models are popular for their ability to produce a great mid-range sound. However, they also produce low and high sounds with clarity. 


At the mention of power regarding low profile center channel speakers, think of how much power they consume and how loud they are. The ratings of each speaker are denoted in two different ways: peak power and RMS.

Normally, peak power speakers are higher than the RMS. However, these are most suitable for short bursts.  On the other hand, the RMS indicates the max time you can play your speaker to avoid damage – exceeding the given parameters spoils them. 

Design and Size

Most low profile center channel speakers are small, explaining why they may not offer very loud sound production. That’s not to say they’re not good enough; they are.  But choose speakers with larger drivers to enjoy the most out of them. 

Talking about the design, ensure that it matches your other asset in the home, or at least, can blend well with them.

Thankfully, there are plenty of designs, for example, curved, big with drivers, and reversible cabinets. If you want to dampen the resonance, then consider buying the cabinets with a curved design. This design is also ideal if you want to slip it under your flat panel TV.

If you don’t want to buy new speakers but want to use the old set, consider buying the reversible cabinet.  This design works incredibly well when you aim the drivers up. 

The bottom line, when deciding what design and size to buy, consider the size of your room. Powerful speakers are suitable for large rooms, while small rooms need relatively small speakers with low sound output. 


Don’t just spend on a low profile center speaker that won’t last, not even on the low sound output speakers. How soon you spend on another speaker is based on the quality you pick today. 

While most speakers are fragile, handling them with care would make them last many years and save you a lot of money.


Sensitivity is measured in decibels (dB). Buy a speaker with a high rating. The impedance rating, though, should be lower. A low impedance rating makes a speaker highly effective. To explain a little more; impedance refers to electrical current resistance.  On the other hand, sensitivity has a direct correlation with the speaker’s volume. 

If you don’t have a good budget and only want a speaker with average sensitivity, consider buying one with an 85dB to 88dB. 

For a slightly higher budget and better sensitivity, buy one with  90 dB to 100 dB rating. For impedance, though, consider speakers with a rating of 2 to 4 ohms. 


What other units do you have in your home that you want to pair with your low profile center channel speakers? Consider their compatibility before buying. If your speakers aren’t compatible with the other systems, sound production becomes poor. In worst cases, the speakers cannot connect with the other systems.  Most importantly, therefore, check if there are ports that allow good connection with the other systems. 

While there may be no negative impact on the speakers and sound production quality, it would be best to avoid pairing products from different brands. Pair, for example, Yamaha speakers to a Yamaha TV. 


1) What makes a good center channel?

A 3-way design makes a good center channel. With a 3-way design center channel, you can use two woofers, one on the right and the other on the left. 

You can have the tweeter and midrange being set between the two woofers for better sound production. Choose to have the midrange on top of the tweeter or vice-versa. This way, you get to eliminate every possible comb filtering that may arise between the drivers (upper range). 

2) Can you use any speaker as a center channel?

Apart from a subwoofer, you can use any speaker as a center channel. For non-compromised sound quality, though, consider buying those that feature a horizontal design. Normally, they do better than those with a square or vertical design.

3) How big should my center channel speaker be?

Your center channel speaker should range between 150 to 3000 Hz. This size gives a timbre, clear, and top-quality tonal sound production. This size range features 4 to 5” drivers. However, if you’re lucky to buy a 6” driver center channel speaker, it would have a better performance than the 4”. 

Nonetheless, everyone has their preferences, so buy a speaker that matches your taste.


The center channel is a needed bit of kit in the home theater which influences your movie, TV and music listening experience.

A low profile center channel will not only save space but be a key addition in delivering effective sound output for a fraction of the price.

We hope this guide has opened your eyes on the best low profile center channels available on the current market.

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