8 Best High-End Wireless Speakers Of 2023

Wireless speakers are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy their music without the hassle of socket connection. You can place them in any room, and they don’t require a lot of space or power.

High-end models render high-fidelity sound and come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that allows you to stream your favorite songs from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

As for why a high-end model should be your go-to option, here are some reasons:

1) You have a myriad of connectivity capabilities for flexible usage
2) A robust construction sometimes supports use in vulnerable places like the bathroom
3) It sounds better with deep bass and lovely acoustic quality

So, if you’re looking for the best high-end wireless speakers, below are the best on offer.

Wireless SpeakerWeightDimensions
Sonos Five14lbs8.03” x 14.33” x 6.06”
Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation15.95lbs8.35” x 8.58” x 8.23”
Kanto TUK20.06lbs7.01” x 8.46” x 10.87”
Devialet Phantom II 9.50lbs8.6” x 6.2” x 6.6”
KEF LS50 Wireless 244.3lbs4.8” x 3.11” x 4.72”
Bang & Olufsen Beosound 17.7lbs6.4” x 6.4” x 12.9”
Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level Speaker7.3 lbs13.7” x 9” x 2.2”
KEF LSX15.60lbs7” x 6” x 9.5”

Sonos Five

best high end wireless speaker

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Sonos upgraded Five to create a wireless speaker capable of filling your entire home with top-quality audio streams. With its high fidelity sound, it creates an immersive audio experience.

Design and Quality

Shaped as a trapezoidal prism with a mildly curved front, the Sonos 5 is a simplistic speaker, ideal if you love your tech to disappear into the room. Although it features a logo, it’s discreet and similar-colored to the rest of the body.

It has three touch panel controls allowing you to pause, play, and skip. It has Ethernet, power, and line-in jacks when it comes to ports. A 3.5mm port enables you to connect to other devices like a turntable or CD player. Due to this, you can enjoy vinyl records.

The unit has rubber feet on the sides to protect your surface. These feet allow you to use the speaker in landscape and portrait orientations as they are on two sides.

Another feature is the humidity resistance. You can cozy up in your hot bathtub with this unit booming by the bathroom corner.

The Sonos 5 has increased memory and processing power, Near Field Communication, and Bluetooth low-energy to facilitate easy setup. The line-in autoplay feature reduces the commands you make. For instance, it automatically starts playing once the needle lands on a vinyl record.

It has six matching Class D amplifiers with customized mid-woofers at the bottom. At the top are three tweeters with the left and right-pointing sideways to fill the room better.

The Sonos 5 comes with a sealed architecture that deters reverb and echoes.


You can use the Sonos 5 alone or as a pair. A single unit demarcates the right and left channels providing impressive stereo output. The speakers adjust to a mono mode for precise stereo separation when paired, bringing out the details as intended.

Overall, this device offers a warm, lively sound while intricately capturing every detail and layer. Although the high frequencies and vocals are precise, the most exemplary performance is on the mid-range. It’s soulful and pretty attention-grabbing.

This is not the type of speaker tied to background music. Even for the biggest bass lovers, you can play it at total volume without distortion while packing enough bass.

Being Airplay 2 compatible, you can play audio from your IOS device or stream from Spotify.

Unfortunately, the device lacks Bluetooth connectivity which some may find a deal-breaker. However, Wi-Fi, Airplay 2, and Spotify connect are robust playing methods with no phone sound interruptions.

Stand Out Features

Five’s features a sealed casing design that isn’t prone to cabinet resonance and thus gives poor quality sound. Besides, you can connect old-fashioned players like CD players and the turntable by using the 3.5mm line-in port.


  • Strategic sideways design that allows room-filling sounds
  • Sealed exterior to avoid echo issues
  • Detailed, warm, and lively sounds


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • It doesn’t support High-Res

Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation

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Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation was a software and hardware upgrade meant to perfect Naim’s audio streaming platform to meet the specific needs of audiophiles, whether they’re playing their local collection or streaming online from Spotify and the rest.

The compact 2nd Generation speaker packs 300 Watts of audio power for even more accuracy and power.

Design and Quality

Mu-so brought aboard a solid addition in the color-customizable and seemingly wholly revamped Mu-so 2nd Generation speaker.

The Qb 2nd squeezes these fantastic features into a more compact and easily portable package. If you dislike cramming your space with gear, this speaker is an excellent choice to enjoy an exemplary performance in uptight spots. Not to mention, this smaller sibling comes at a more affordable cost to suit a broader audience.

The first impression about the Muso Qb 2nd Generation is its stunning appearance. The soft LED lighting and gray brushed finish are simply beautiful.

Its striking and easily-lovable design borrows from its larger brother in the shape of the illuminated acrylic bottom. The stylish base makes the unit appear like it’s hovering above the table.

The sleek volume dial that lights up to give you playback controls is up top. It has a distinctive heat sink on its back that adds to its elegance and embellishes your decor.

Tucked behind its detachable grill is a custom drive setup consisting of dual dome tweeters, two midrange drivers, and one woofer. Complementing these features are two oppositely-positioned passive radiators.

Sadly, you won’t get a controller to use this unit with. However, the iOS and Android-supporting app has all the features you need to get your Qb to a network, control playback, and more.

The Qb allows you to have a multiroom setup with up to four other Muso speakers that you can play independently or simultaneously.


Run by the same 32-bit DSP as the Muso 2, it delivers an incredible 300watts of sound. You can easily play music within your home network, thanks to the UPnP.

The most impressive feature about the Mu-so Qb is that it comes with all the streaming features available in its big brother. You get AptX Bluetooth, Apple Airplay, internet radio, Spotify connect, and tidal to play your music from wherever you like.

The Qb proves to be a small yet powerful speaker when it comes to its sound quality. It delivers a big sound, the likes you wouldn’t expect a relatively miniature speaker of its caliber can pull.

The bass is weight and deep, providing you with punch and authority to get your entire space lit. Though a bit on the rich side, it delivers a solid sound that aids with lower-quality streams and recordings.

Stand Out Features

So much is special about Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation. It has new intelligent controls, multi-room capability, increased music power, and upgraded speaker drivers for a convenient and top-quality performance. Furthermore, with a built-in Chromecast, it features a new streaming technology.


  • Numerous streaming options to customize your sound
  • Multiroom support of up to four other speakers
  • Rich sound quality superseding the compact design.


  • The app lacks a graphic equalizer

Kanto TUK

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TUK excels over the previous generation’s speakers due to its top performance AMT Tweeters. They ensure that the high-frequency sounds are captured accurately.

Furthermore the tweeters’ wide dispersion of sound waves horizontally enhances audio quality and improves the soundstage.

Design and Quality

The most impressive thing about Kanto TUK is that you get loudspeakers with all the rudimentary elements. Their speakers feature both analog, digital, and phono functionality, allowing you to connect things like a turntable and computer and control them all with a remote.

That means you don’t need things like stereo and AV receivers, integrated amps, and similar inclusions. Available in matte white/black, the Kanto TUK looks stylish irrespective of which of the two fits perfectly with your decor.

Admirable, you don’t have to choose between your analog inputs, as in the case with some speakers. The TUK has a dual set of analog inputs: an analog RCA and a dedicated phono stage. That means you can connect, say, your television and turntable simultaneously.

With a dedicated headphone connection and a headphone amp internal, this unit puts these features within arm reach when using your near-field system or desktop.

Moreover, all the input lights are readable and well defined, so you won’t have to guess your way around.


Whether or not you’ll love this speaker mostly depends on two questions: How do you feel about an AMT tweeter? Do you like aluminum drivers?

Interestingly, you get to enjoy using an AMT tweeter without paying too dearly for it. If you adore details and like listening to properly recorded tracks, this setup allows you to hear all the high-frequency information. This tweeter also ensures you catch everything, revealing things you’d not hear otherwise.

However, when listening to a recording that isn’t as great, for instance, a lesser compressed digital recording, this speaker lets you know. So, in that context, it isn’t forgiving. It can be harsh, brittle, and somewhat fatiguing with such records at high volumes.

This monster is quite dynamic with a punch you’ll love, given the aluminum drivers. It provides a super lively performance that favors dynamics, impact, and accuracy over weight. The bass response is shocking and goes up to 50Hz, but can get rumbly in the treble.

Stand Out Features

The speaker features 5.25″ aluminum drivers. Due to the material’s rigidity, the drivers operate efficiently and are thus not prone to distortion even at higher volumes.


  • Multiple versatile inputs
  • Sleek and sturdy build
  • Wide, detailed, nuanced soundstage providing a wide dispersion


  • The bass output is a bit thin
  • It has an old-school crossover network

Devialet Phantom II

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Devialet had mobile phones and tablet audiophiles in mind when they designed the Phantom II to continue the series of innovations.

It came with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity making it ideal for multi-room wireless streaming. The audio is rich and clear thanks to the state-of-the-art 1.25GHz  processor—ARM Cortex-A9.

Design and Quality

Don’t let the miniature appearance of the Devialet Phantom II deceive you into thinking it’s the lightest excellent sound setup. The rig has some weight to it, so wherever you place it, ensure it is safe. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the lightest inclusions here and is ideal for compact places.

The design is equally appealing and one of the sleekest. The speaker features two aluminum base drivers to the left and right next to the branding.

The sides consist of woofers that move a lot of air to provide the characteristic bob of the Phantom line. While in action, these pieces bounce around to create a classy appearance and almost make it seem like the sound is bringing this little guy to life.

Contrasting its minimalist nature, the speaker has a range of connectivity options. It supports Spotify connect, UPnP, Airplay 2, has an optical cable jack and is rune-ready.

At its bottom is a pretty chunky rubber pad that ensures no scratches both on it and the surface placed on. It also features a thread allowing you to set it up on a stand, though, in my opinion, this kills the minuscule design the build aims to achieve.

The speaker comprises 981 parts protected by 160 pens. That quite explains why the rig is so tiny yet feels pretty weighty.


Phantom II has a 400 watts RMS rating with no distortion, background noise, or saturation. This way, it ensures the sound remains crisp even at total volume.

One common challenge even amongst high-end speakers is the bass output. While playing a genre like hip hop, it may not deliver a powerful bass you’d expect at this price point.

Regardless of how tiny it is, the bass is good quality. You can throw a party, watch movies, and more while receiving a reasonably good sound.

Switching to acoustic, the speaker has an undeniably glorious production. It sounds so good you may assume your favorite artist came to the room for an exceptional one-on-one performance.

Overall, the sound is bass-heavy. There isn’t a midsize driver to concentrate on, so it feels like a mid-shaped equalizer but filling up a room isn’t a huge deal.

Stand Out Features

Touch controls make the Phantom II one of the most convenient wireless speakers. With a single stroke, you have total command of the wireless speaker. On the other hand, Phantom II’s iconic white and compact design earns notable accolades in the present era where aesthetics talk volumes.


  • Crisp sound even at full blast
  • Impressive acoustic sound quality
  • Embellished and miniature design to suit small room


  • No midsize driver for the mids
  • The bass is wanting

KEF LS50 Wireless 2

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When KEF designed the LS50 Wireless 2, they were after a top-notch speaker packed with wireless streaming capabilities.

So what features separate it from the older generation wireless speakers? It has inbuilt streaming features like Chromecast, Airplay 2, and Bluetooth 4.2. It’s capable of handling high-resolution audios up to 24-bit/384khz.

Design and Quality

You can’t go wrong with a black cuboid shape, ardoned by the curved front with elegant different-hued drivers.

That said, there are also crimson, gray, and white versions. The driver colors differ based on the primary color.

Being smart powered speakers, they have Wi-Fi, Chromecast. Airplay 2, Bluetooth giving you versatile functionality as expected at this expense.

They also feature HDMI eArc, optical and coaxial digital inputs, USB, analog input, and subwoofer outs. Hence, you can enjoy the Wireless 2s for both dual-channel listening and primary home theater without needing other components except maybe a display.

These speakers are compatible with MQA and DSD, work with multiple song streaming services, and are even roon-ready. It’s a whole range of flexible options to suit many music enthusiasts.

You can augment their bottom end with subwoofers for a low-frequency boost. Besides, the subwoofer augmentation process is precise, making things easy for you to dive into the sound.

Thanks to the solid KEF app, setting up the Wireless 2s is a cinch. The app quite remarkable, better than the Bang & Olufsen one and only second to the Naim one. That said, it has a remote control, but you may not find it necessary because the app has all you require.


Being ported speakers, the quality of bass you get from the Wireless 2s depends on their nearness to the front wall. While setting up, it’s best to have them closer to the wall to achieve more bass.

Overall, the Wireless 2 speakers provide a controlled sound. These speakers aren’t ruthlessly revealing, but on the positive side, the sound is consistent.

The bass is taut and deep with no bloom or added resonance so that you won’t get an intense deep performance. That said, with instruments having a particular resonance, such as kick drums, these speakers provide immense control. However, you may notice a loss in the live and organic quality.

Stand Out Features

The LS50 Wireless 2 supports an array of streaming services. For instance, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Qobuz, and tens of FM radio stations, to mention a few. Each mid-range speaker is packed with a 280W amp and the tweeters with a 100W amp. That explains why the LS50 Wireless 2 never falters on audio quality.


  • Pure, detailed mids with no color
  • Focused, clear, and comprehensive vocals
  • Strongly emphasized center-fill with a distinct separation of performers and instruments


  • Good scale highs but lacking a sparkle
  • It may have issues controlling at higher volumes

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1

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Beosound’s one innovation centered on a 360-degree sound experience. The multi-room speakers pack the Acoustic Lens Technology that ensures the rooms are filled with music from all angles.

The gadget delivers sonic sounds wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You don’t have to invest in cables for the many rooms.

Design and Quality

Place the Beosound 1 on your kitchen counter, and you might easily mistake it with your stainless steel thermos.

While not the smallest on the list, it has a minimalistic base, making it occupy little space. It shouldn’t be too challenging to cram it with your potted plant or lamp on a petite bedroom nightstand.

Though the Beosound 2 has improved performance, it isn’t as light or compact as this unit. Volume adjustments are pretty easy with the top ring. The Beosound 1 has a larger ring than its upgrade and feels solid and easy to turn.

You can either use the app or manually do so with the top ring to control the speaker. The touch control is fantastic and easy to use. By scrolling from right to left, you can move to the next song. Doing the opposite allows you to replay a tune.

Another area the Beosound 1 beats the Beosound 2 is the flexibility in placement positions. Because of the included battery, this device allows you to enjoy your music as you relax outdoors, unlike the latter.


The Beosound 1 is an excellent choice for background play, but if you want to get the party going, the Beosound 2 is better-suited.

As advertised, Beosound 1 fills your room with warm, rich sounds ensuring you enjoy quality music irrespective of your location. The sound is large and smooth even as you increase the sound to an almost annoying level.

The inclusion of Google Assistant makes the speaker enjoyable to use. Ask it to get your favorite playlist going, control smart devices, plus more.

Unlike the Sonos 5, this stereo includes Bluetooth support to give you more playing options. Besides, you also have Chromecast and Airplay 2 to enhance streaming options.

Sure, the Beosound 2 is better than the Beosound 1. Nonetheless, the upgrades you enjoy with the Beosound 2 are gratuitous when you need music during a remote picnic. You get around the entire day on moderate volume, while peak performance gives you around four hours.

Stand Out Features

Beosound 1 is compact and highly portable. The speaker’s design is also something of beauty. The conical design and smooth surfaces give it a refined modern appearance.


  • Compact, stylish, thermos-like make
  • Room-filling sound with quality maintenance
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The app could be better
  • Inadequate audio punch, given the dispersion

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level Speaker

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Portability was the key driver in the design of the Beosound Level speaker. It’s for that audiophile looking for the convenience of a portable speaker but doesn’t want to sacrifice sound quality.

The speaker is also designed as a multiroom gadget and supports multiple connectivities, unlike its predecessors.

Design and Quality

When looking at Bang and Olufsen, the brand elicits forward-thinking designs that don’t sleep on the latest technology. Here is another excellent Bang & Olufsen speaker though it looks nothing like the former model or anything on this list.

Besides its thin design, it’s surprisingly portable. Something enticing about this speaker is that once you make moving it about the norm, you may find yourself carrying your music around every time.

As you pick up this speaker, you continue enjoying the music. However, upon setting it down, the music pauses, though only for a few and not much to blab about. It has a long-lasting, removable battery so that you won’t have stress over longevity.

The Level is available in two finishes that differ in price. While you pay less for the gray aluminum option, the gold is stunning and may look more elegant in your space.

There are dual control options with the Level. You can use the touch sensors that light up as you get closer or the app.


At a glance, you may brush off the Beosound Level as another Bluetooth-compatible speaker. You may not assume that this rig is revolutionary as most portable speakers sacrifice sound quality.

However, the Level may be your most favorite wireless speaker, thanks to the extra-extensive battery life. While out for lengthy travels, you can enjoy this unit for up to 16 hours. If you’re a spirited listener, the robust battery should last you about four hours like the Beosound 1.

The Level sounds incredible and features a good consistency irrespective of placement. No speakers circumvent the impact of location and room interactions, but this unit almost pulls off this fit.

Its sound is crisp and punchy with a boosted bass that makes it feel and appear more prominent. You get quick, taut bass minus too much boominess or bloat.

While it includes Google Assistant support, you have to use it with the Google Home app. Via Google Home, you can assign your speaker to groups or rooms. Moreover, you can mate two speakers to get proper pairing though this is clunky and may not always function.

Stand Out Features

Beosound level is compatible with Airplay 2 and Chromecast. Furthermore, it’s ideal for that user who loves durability. It boasts dust particles and splash water resistance rating (IP54).


  • Impressive sound clarity with placement-defying consistency
  • Extensive battery life suitable for lengthy outdoor activities
  • Super slim and light for tight spaces


  • The app occasionally has connectivity issues
  • Clunky stereo pairing


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The idea behind LSX was to upgrade the LS50 for better quality sound and a more sophisticated cabinet with an invisible heatsink. Besides, KEF LSX was designed for unbridled access to audio streaming services like Tidal and Spotify—all built-in.

Design and Quality

Given their brand similarity, it’s no surprise that the LSX quite resembles the LS50, albeit a slight tone down in attractiveness.

You can choose between green, gray, and white. These vary in cost though the green and white versions look more stunning in my view and are less priced.

The back features a flared port that deters sound and chuffing from trickling via the rear. Several tiny holes at the top of the port allow the heat sink to breathe.

It supports control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for versatility. There is also a Toslink input that allows you to connect your TV. Additionally, you have auxiliary inputs to allow connection to more devices. All inputs have a distinct color corresponding between the speakers and the app.

Also, the LSX lacks a touch panel control, unlike the LS50. So, you have to use the app to set it up. Besides, there is no power button on the speakers. Therefore, to turn them on, you have to use your app and click on any inputs or use the remote control.

On the flip side, the biggest complaint with the LSX is that they demand joining with an Ethernet. You have the master speaker with more connectivity options and the slave with fewer. Under the master speaker’s driver is an LED that blinks to alert you if it’s yet to detect the slave.


While using the KEF app, there is a slight lag when lowering your volume on WI-FI. Luckily, it also features Bluetooth support.

With your speakers paired wirelessly, the system operates at 24-bits, 48KHZ. So, if you’re a high-res enthusiast and want better performance, use the Ethernet cable like the LS50.

Compared to the LS50 wireless, these units aren’t as impressive with a lesser refined feel. They have a good bass that goes pretty low but lacks the weight to fill larger rooms. So, they are best used in small spaces.

Stand Out Features

With its wireless capabilities via Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi, KEF LSX has unhindered access to streaming services. You can still use the Toslink digital input or the 3.5mm auxiliary option if you don’t want to stream the music. You don’t need cables to connect the two speakers, and there is no separate equipment to worry you.

It features a 4″ driver for stunningly clear sound.


  • Lovely, crystalline mid-range for better sound definition
  • Superb tonal balance similar to the LS50
  • Numerous connectivity options


  • The bass isn’t weighty enough for large rooms
  • Lacks the touch panel present on the LS50

Wireless Speakers Buying Guide

Picking your wireless speaker demands consideration of multiple factors beyond looks and usage simplicity. Here are the critical wireless speaker purchasing factors:

Sound Quality

Undoubtedly, the output is the most vital aspect of any speaker. Crisp playback is critical for enjoyment, even when playing background music.

The design is critical, such as keeping it petite so that the sound doesn’t ripple. Still, the drivers need securing to prevent rattling. This also applies to the speaker unit’s vibration reduction, in which you’ll see rubber feet or something similar.

Moreover, tuning is vital. Despite the speaker’s price, it makes a significant difference between what you believe to be a superb-sounding system and a horrible one. For instance, do you love acoustic or bass-heavy sound?


The whole point of getting rid of wires is to allow you to move about with ease. Therefore, compactness and weight are critical when picking these speakers.

Nonetheless, consider whether the ease of carrying around your wireless speaker comes at the expense of build quality. You want to ensure the speaker not only appeals to the eyes but also has a rugged build that stands occasional bumps.


Multiroom uses an app that connects to your handset, computer, and storage devices. Besides apps like Spotify and Pandora, it enables you to stream music from your collection.

The more multiroom rigs you get, the more this system allows you to connect (though limited). This way, you can distribute lag-free sound throughout the house or play diverse music across linked speakers.


Placement impacts your speaker’s performance. Generally, have your music source within ten meters of Bluetooth speakers.

Additionally, Bluetooth models perform best with fewer obstructions. Things like walls and large equipment between the speaker and your music source can cause vexing sonic dropouts.

Wi-Fi models perform better over more considerable distances and physical obstructions. While you may connect across 60 meters under ideal conditions, mainly this ranges 30 to 45 meters.

Which is Better: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or Both?

Wi-Fi speakers link to your network and typically need an outlet because most use alternating current.

Bluetooth speakers connect directly to a device like a PC or a phone. They are typically small and battery-powered, enhancing portability. Specific models include both types of connections.

But, if you need to choose between them, here are considerations.


Supports many mobile devices

Generally less expensive than Wi-Fi
Only works with one speaker per play

Limited working range
Easier than Wi-Fi

Some have near field communication supporting dual devices for button-press linking


Allows multi-speaker setup

Better range than Bluetooth
Bandwidth limitations affect output qualityDownload speaker’s app

Proceed with set up by entering your network ID and passcode

Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

Fairly a cinch to use

Flexible while giving both technologies’ merits
Often cost the highest amongst the threeEmploy individual setups for the technology you want to use

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wi-Fi Speakers Any Good?

Due to the increased bandwidth, Wi-Fi speakers typically outperform Bluetooth counterparts in sound. Wi-Fi offers a greater range, so you don’t have to carry your devices more often when busy.

Also, you don’t have to hear message popup sounds or pause for a call with Wi-Fi. So, Wi-Fi speakers are good.

Do Wireless Speakers Need Internet?

Whether wireless speakers need the internet or not depends on the transmission mode. Whereas this is a Wi-Fi speaker requirement, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth speakers can play without the internet.

They function correctly without it, as Bluetooth is a type of wireless transmission.

Can I Use Wireless Speakers With an Old Receiver?

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to an old stereo or television via a Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter. Simply hook it up to the audio output port on your stereo and pair your speaker with the transmitter.


Whether you want to sit back and enjoy high fidelity audio or something to get your party started, this list sorts you out with a diverse selection of high-quality wireless speakers.

Investing in a good pair will serve you for many years and hence it is important to choose something with durability, good aesthetics and excellent sound. By no means is the list exhaustive, however, it is a round-up of the best high-end wireless speakers available on the market.

If you need any further help, feel free to seek assistance.

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