64 Audio Nio Universal IEM Press Release

With an impressive desire for innovation and progress, it is no surprise that 64 Audio have come out with yet another solid universal in-ear monitor to tempt the masses.

The Nio is 64 Audio’s first hybrid universal design in-ear monitor to feature an incredible 9 drivers. Each of the drivers is split into a tia driver (open design), seven balanced-armature drivers to cover the mid-high frequency ranges and a finally a 9 mm dynamic driver to complete the specs.

The 64 Audio Nio also packs in a stunning blue faceplate which is a stark departure from the traditional copper-patinated inlays of the both the Tia Fourte and U18 in-ear monitors. Vitaliy Belonozhko, CEO of 64 Audio, worked hard with the team to introduce more versatility within the Nio design. The result being a new mX module alongside the existing m15 and m20 modules to introduce an even more ‘open’ sound to make the Nio sound like a true reference studio monitor.

The Nio is said to excel in image separation, akin to the Tia Fourte, and allow tracks to be heard in depth. The overall sound is said to follow a natural warmth, rooted with deep extended lows, smooth highs and a rich three-dimensional soundstage.

Consumers will also get a comprehensive accessory package including all the modules, dehumidifier, cleaning tool, shirt clips, premium cable and as well as a premium leather cases bearing the 64 Audio Logo.

The 64 Audio Nio will retail for $1699.

Read our full assessment of the Nio here:

For more information, visit: www.64audio.com

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