Shure SE846 IEMs Review

The Shure SE846 are the culmination of years of commitment to flawless design, innovation and technological prowess. With an influential role in leading audio solutions, Shure have accrued the attention of many with the release of their SE846 noise-cancelling headphones. Released in 2013, the transparent set of in-ear monitors incorporate cutting-edge technology in the form of low pass filters to mimic a subwoofer experience.

However, with a moderate price tag of $999, the Shure SE846 represent a significant investment. However, it is true to form that Shure have stepped back form the arms race to load as many drivers as possible within their design. Instead, they have placed more emphasis on the acoustic design with a quad balanced-armature system to represent the frequency spectrum. Coupled with this, they have punctured 40 micron wide holes into the earphone’s steel plates to create authoritative bass.

Shure SE846 IEMs



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