Mytek Audio Empire DAC/Streamer/Preamplifier Unveiled

New York based high-end audio firm Mytek have proudly launched their new flagship Empire DAC/Streamer/Preamplifier which secures its position as a ‘top echelon player’ in the high-end audio field.

The Stream features dual mono fully balanced differential analog preamplifiers with an ultra quiet phono stage for MC and MM cartridges. The Streamer itself makes use of an internal Roon Core and is powered by RoonOS. A high current dual mono fully balanced headphone amplifier completes the package. Mytek have opted for high performance Sabre 9038Pro DAC chipsets capable of outputting 32 bit/768kHz, DSD512 and MQA while also establishing a dynamic range of > 133 db.

The new MytekOS Platform is used for controlling DAC and preamplifier functions with local software support enabled via easy software upgrades as the Platform is developed. Mytek have cleverly futureproofed this version of their ‘all-in-one’ entertainer with modular hardware design and their software-based platform.

Full Specifications:

EMPIRE DAC/Streamer/Preamplifier Significant Design Features:

● ”Powered by Roon OS” (touchscreen or Roon remote on supported device)

● Cost no object dual mono all balanced audio path in analog and DAC circuits. 3 oversized linear power supplies for digital, for the left and right DAC/analog circuitry, each using shielded low noise toroidal transformer with automatic adjustment to 100-240VAC.

● 7 analog preamplifier inputs (including state of the art M/M, M/C nickel xformer based phono pre), 2 analog pre balanced inputs, each input with adjustable input sensitivity, 2 independently selectable outputs, both balanced and RCA.

● Digital DAC inputs includes: Streamer, SPDIF, AES/EBU, Optical, USB2, HDMI (2-channel), all w PCM DSD and MQA.

● Digital Streamer outputs: SPDIF, USB2, HDMI (2 – 8 channel), Ethernet and WiFi.

● Storage: Internal 8TB SSD. Accepts all external USB3, USBC and Network drives.

The Empire streamer units will be available from December 2020 and will retail for $19,995 / € 19 995

For more info, see: Mytek

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