Mic Monitoring: The Ultimate Guide

Communication is an important part of today’s world – especially in the era of rising virtual meetings as well as the world of gaming. The ability to hear properly is an often-overlooked aspect of such communications and can lead to frustrating experiences if not correctly addressed. Hence, getting it right can lead to an overall smoother and improved experience.

What Is Mic Monitoring?

Wireless headsets have a microphone attached which allows you to hear yourself more clearly while speaking. This is especially helpful in gaming where mic monitoring allows the user requires to be able to hear themselves without the need to modulate their own voices or speak louder.

In certain situations where gamers shout in excitement or speak without realising how loudly they are doing so can create an unpleasant gaming experience. The ability to listen and self-regulate one’s own voice can create a more enjoyable experience for both parties – speaker and receivers.

In addition, users are able to detect whether they are having any issues with their own microphone and hence can troubleshoot more easily.

You can enable mic monitoring on Windows, Xbox One, and PS4, and we have included advances and guidelines for how to do it so beneath.

Why Is Mic Monitoring used?

Mic monitoring has been around for a very long time as of now. In many cases, a large proportion of individuals still do not know how to use this nifty feature. In fact, many people have not even heard about the concept.

Gamers generally utilize this element and plenty of gaming brands have created gadgets around this too. Hence, it can be a valuable tool once applied correctly.

Avoid Troubleshooting

Clear sound is a top priority where gaming and recording vocals are concerned. This also rings true for conducting meetings and conference calls where sound needs to be clear and of acceptable volume.

For these two situations then, mic monitoring can come in help. Since it permits you to hear yourself, it becomes that much easier to decipher whether you’re cutting off or if there’s an excess of commotion. 

With this in mind, you’ll also have the option to recognize any audio-related issues and adjust accordingly. Acting appropriately without having anybody brief you is hence a helpful solution.

You Don’t Need To Raise Your Voice

Have you ever played a first person shooter game like Call of Duty? When you start walking you can hear the sound of footsteps, characters talking to each other, and the many audio bites that come included within the game. Overall, a lot of noise is generated which can be a distracting feature especially if you are a serious gamer. Many will compensate by having to increase the volume.

The unexpected sounds and thriving voices may not be good for hearing capacity in the long-term. That is the reason having the option to hear one’s own voice can help individuals perceive the volume with which they are speaking. This is why mic monitoring becomes crucial as it allows users to lower their voices to acceptable volumes.

How to Enable and Disable Mic Monitoring?


  1. 1. Open the “Launchpad” and search for QuickTime Player. Once you find it open the app.
  2. 2. Now click on “File” on topbar and then click on “New Audio Recording
mic monitoring
  1. 3. Now you can see a seek bar at the bottom of the window of the recorder app. This is where you can change the mic monitoring intensity from here.
  1. 4. You don’t have to start the recording here. To disable the mic monitoring, you can drag the seek to extreme left while to max it out drag it to extreme right.

Mic Monitoring PC

(For Windows 10 users)

  1. 1. Access the Control Panel by searching for it in the left hand taskbar
  2. 2. Now click on “Sounds” from the “Hardware & Sounds” category
  3. 3. On the top of the window, you can see three-four tabs: Playback, Recording, Sounds, Communications.
  4. 4. Click on the Recording tab
  5. 5. Find “Microphone” in the Recording tab
  6. 6. Now select “Microphone” and click on Properties
  7. 7. A new smaller window will pop up and it’ll have four tabs: General, Listen, Levels, and Advanced
  8. 8. Now check “Listen to this device” and it’ll enable the mic monitoring.
  9. 9. Click OK and you’re all set

Mic Monitoring Xbox One

The Xbox One console offers a lot of fun and exciting games that gamers of all ages love playing. Nothing beats playing multiplayer with friends and family. However, with the global reach of gaming and connectivity options, you can play against an opponent from across the continent. This makes gaming so much fun.

Also, playing on an Xbox One should be maximized using a gaming headset with mic monitoring options.

Mic Monitoring on the Xbox One is a relatively easy task, just follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Press the home button 
  2. 2. Select the audio button at the right bottom
  3. 3. Now you can see three seek bars with the label: Headset Volume, Headset Chat Mixer, and
  4. Mic Monitoring. Please click the appropriately named ‘Mic Monitoring’
  5. 4. Similarly to the MacOS, you have to drag the seek to the extreme left to disable it or the extreme right to enable it.

What are the Benefits of Mic Monitoring on Xbox One?

When playing in multiplayer mode, the key to winning is proper communication within the team. It is typical to shout out of joy or excitement and not even realize that you are making noise and affecting the gaming experience in a negative way. Self-regulating your voice can provide a more beneficial and enjoyable atmosphere for all parties.

Best Xbox One Games with Mic Monitoring

Here are some of the best Xbox One games you can play with mic monitoring:

Gears 5

Gears 5 is a part of a highly acclaimed franchise. It ranks as one of the best Xbox One exclusive games ever. The campaign mode is its main draw but its multiplayer modes are also very impressive. There are three multiplayer modes. The classic Horde mode has been added with two new ones, namely Arcade and Escape. All of these modes are the most fun to play using a wireless gaming headset with mic monitoring options.

The Horde and Escape modes require proper team coordination to accomplish the tasks while the Arcade or Versus mode features multiplayer PVP. Whether you want to talk trash against your opponents or properly coordinate with your team, having an Xbox One headset mic monitoring works best! 


Halo has been synonymous with the Xbox console as it has been an exclusive game since its inception. Halo has been a common staple for Xbox gamers because of the history of the franchise and is an exclusive for the console and PC. More specifically, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a very addicting online multiplayer game.

Nothing beats playing this game on a gaming headset with mic monitoring. It is safe to say that you won’t experience the full potential of the game unless you were a gaming headset. 

Call of Duty

Another first-person shooting game that has caught the attention of gamers all over the world is Call of Duty. The story on single-player mode has been legendary but playing it in multiplayer mode is more exciting. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is undeniably very promising on multiplayer.

Playing this game with a gaming headset with mic monitoring can really make you feel integrated within the game. With proper mic monitoring features, you can prevent spoiling the fun of the game because it keeps your voice on a proper level.

Mic Monitoring Playstation

The Playstation is another popular gaming console from Sony. Below are the steps to enable Mic Monitoring:

  1. 1. Open settings
  2. 2. Then select the “Devices” tab
  3. 3. Now select “Audio Devices
  4. 4. Now you can see a seek bar with “Sidetone Volume”, this is what Mic Monitoring is called in PlayStation.
  5. 5. Now you can drag it to the extreme left to disable mic monitoring and the extreme right to enable it at max capacity.

What are the Benefits of Mic Monitoring on PS4?

A gaming headset with mic monitoring enables PS4 gamers to maximize the fun. Whether you use this device for coordinating with team members on multiplayer mode or simply talking trash against opponents, mic monitoring on PS4 definitely helps in providing fun for all parties involved. 

Best PS4 Games with Mic Monitoring

Listed below are some of the best PS4 games that are perfect to play with mic monitoring:

GTA V Online

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most epic franchises in all of gaming. It helped change the landscape of gaming. Every time a game from this franchise gets released, you can expect record-breaking sales. The latest installment is GTA V. Though it has been years since its release, gamers still enjoy playing its online mode. Playing GTA V online with a gaming headset with mic monitoring is highly-satisfying. 

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is one of the most exciting multiplayer games available today. This team game where map objectives are required to accomplish requires proper coordination and communication. A gaming headset with mic monitoring is perfect for this requirement. The first-person shooter gameplay requires proper co-op coordination. It is essential to hear your voice properly and also communicate with your team. 

Ghost of Tsushima

One of the biggest games of the past year is Ghost of Tsushima. It got a multiplayer expansion named Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. It’s an online co-op multiplayer that can reach up to four players. Lots of fans have regarded this DLC as one of the best in years.

Ghost of Tsushima is a must-have for gamers and the multiplayer mode delivers in a lot of aspects. The co-op survival mode requires good team chemistry and coordination. Not having a gaming headset with mic monitoring just wouldn’t cut it

Advantages of Mic Monitoring

  1. 1. Mic monitoring allows you to hear your voice on your headphones which allows you to self-regulate your own volume
  2. 2. For the large part, the Mic feedback is done through real-time

Do All Headsets Support Mic Monitoring?

This depends on the headset you are using. Some permit you to add a receiver with mouthpiece settings where you can change the mic volume, its information, EQ, and different settings. More often than not, you can discover the choice to turn on mic checking here. 

Generally, mic monitoring is an inconspicuous tool which is not often easily accessed for those who do not its whereabouts. Indeed, the fact of the matter is most headsets will have mic observing highlights, however, we can’t state the equivalent for more seasoned and obsolete models. 

In situations where your headset does not cover this feature, do not fret – there are options available.

Turtle Beach Audio Controller Plus

The Turtle Beach Audio Controller Plus is a third party controller which allows users to adjust mic monitoring for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It provides increased hearing accuracy with ability to select from different gaming & mic presets. Not only this, but the headset enables volume mix, master volume and mic mute control. These are all necessary to enable the benefits of mic monitoring listed above as well the advantages of a superior gaming experience.

Turtle Beach Audio Controller Plus (From Amazon)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Turn Off Mic Monitoring?

To turn off Mic Monitoring on PS4, you will need to navigate towards Settings then choose the Devices tab. Pick Audio Devices. Select the Sidetone Volume option and slide it towards the farthest left. In order to verify if you have successfully disabled it, you should not be able to hear yourself anymore.

To turn off Mic Monitoring on Xbox One, proceed to the Xbox One home screen then press the Xbox button. Select the System tab then choose Audio. You will then see three sliders and the last option is mic monitoring. Adjust the slider towards the left.

What to Do When You Hear Echo on Xbox One?

If you ever experienced playing a multiplayer game then suddenly hear an echo. You need to immediately fix something with your audio settings. Hearing an echo is never normal. This would derail your gaming excitement and spoil all the fun, especially during multiplayer mode where you need to communicate properly with team members.

Never worry, there is a solution to this and you can get back to playing the way it should be.

If you hear an echo, this is more likely because of the Xbox One set on output party chat audio to both the headset and the speakers simultaneously. You can change this by pressing the Xbox button then select Settings then General. Choose Volume and audio output then pick party chat output. The final step is to choose Headset. After this, you should not be hearing any echo anymore.

How Can I Get Latency-Free Mic Monitoring?

To solve the latency issue between a computer and a microphone, it is important to know what is audio latency. Digital audio latency is defined as the period of time for the audio to both enter and leaves the playback system. This is measured in milliseconds. This is caused by digital to analog and analog to digital conversion. Digital signal processing and buffering also play a role. 

It is quite difficult to get Latency-Free Mic monitoring because of the different factors that affect it. You have to consider decreasing the buffer size and close all other programs on your computer that use audio. These are just examples to get low digital audio latency.

Understandably, mic-monitoring with zero latency is highly ideal. Whether you need it for a conference call, Zoom meeting, or for playing games with your friends, latency-free mic monitoring would turn out to be the best. However, achieving this, as mentioned above, is not an easy feat. 


With all things considered, mic observing has become a basic and incredibly supportive tool in the channel of communications. In gaming, it empowers a superior experience through ability to test mic input and regulate voice volumes. In meetings, where clear audio is a top priority, mic monitoring is an invaluable tool for all participants. Hence, no doubt more may come to terms with the advantages that the tool offers.

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