Empire Ears ODIN & Hero Unleashed

Empire Ears are a family owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been releasing extravagant IEMs for a while with over 30 years experience in the acoustic engineering space.

The Empire Ears ODIN has been a work in progress since 2017 and the labor of love of Dean Vang, the CTO of Empire Ears. The IEMs feature 11 proprietary drivers in a tribrid design with 2 next generation W9+ subwoofers handling sub- and mid-bass. The next 5 set of balanced armature drivers cover the midrange whereas 4 premium electrostatic drivers output the highs. A single transformer unites the quadruple electrostats eliminating phase incoherence and promoting wide frequency ranges.

Empire Ears will incorporate SynX – a new crossover technology designed to maximize performance with high stereo separation, smooth phase response and more dynamic range.

The Hero could be considered the little sibling of the ODIN featuring similar technologies such as the the synX crossover network and Anti-Resonance Compound (ARC) treatment. This time, the Hero will be driven by three balanced-armature drivers and a single W9+ subwoofer driver for the sub-bass territories.

ODIN Specifications:

  • 2x Next Generation 9mm W9+ Subwoofers
  • 5x Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 4x Premium Electrostatic Drivers
  • 7-way synX crossover network
  • Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control technology
  • ARC Chassis and Components treated with our Anti-Resonance Compound
  • Bestpoke Stormbreaker UPOCC Copper Litz cable featuring Quad Conductor Dual Gauge Design
  • Ultra-Exclusive BIFROST Faceplate

Hero Specifications:

  • 1x Next Generation 9mm W9+ Subwoofer
  • 3x Proprietary Balanced Armature Driver 
  • 6-way synX Crossover Network
  • ARC Chassis and Components treated with our Anti-Resonance Compound
  • ALPHA-IV (A4) 26AWG UPOCC Copper Litz Cable
  • Exclusive Titanium Blizzard Faceplate

For more information, visit Empire Ears

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