Cayin N3Pro DAP Announced

Cayin have announced another surprise release – in the form of the N3Pro Digital Audio Player which will feature dual solid-state/tube timbre. The very sophisticated entry-level DAP makes use of trickle-down technologies from flagship players such as the Cayin N8 to deliver great performance for a fraction of the price.

In place of the rather expensive Korg NuTube technology, the DAP will make use of a vintage Raytheon NOS vacuum tube ( JAN6418) for a tube-flavor profile and 1/2 OP Amp for a solid-state timbre.


  • Dual AK4493 DAC
  • Fully balanced design with 4.4mm and 3.5mm phone out
  • Powerful 800mW@32Ω Balanced Headphone output
  • Tube and Solid Dual Timbre (3.5mm single-ended only)
  • Triode and Ultra-linear Mode (3.5mm Tube only)
  • 2 line out, 2 digital out, USB DAC
  • Hi-Res Wireless DAC

For more info, visit Cayin.

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