9 Best 2.1 Speakers in 2023

Are you tired of listening to low-quality audio from your PC? You could use a 2.1 speaker. This is an affordable speaker system that can help improve your computer’s audio, without needing any special features.

We understand that choosing a good 2.1 speaker can be hectic, especially with the many choices in the market. This is more so for first-time buyers. However, we have made things simpler for you in this detailed review.

It has a list of the best 2.1 speakers that you can purchase in 2022. Keep on reading to know more.

ModelConnectivitySpeaker typeSpeaker Weight
Gokuid BT 101 120 WHDMI, RCA, USB, Bluetooth, AuxiliarySoundbar11.74 pounds
Samsung HW-A450/ZA BluetoothSoundbar12.8 pounds
TCL Alto 6+ 2.1BluetoothSoundbar14.7 pounds
Klipsch ProMediaWiredComputer speaker2.10 lbs.
Cyber Acoustics Speakers
BluetoothSub-woofer9.00 lbs.
Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home SpeakerWiredSub-woofer18.15 pounds
Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 SpeakersUSBSub-woofer/Desktop5.45 lbs.
Saiyin Sound Bars Bluetooth/RCASurround sound/subwoofer8.88 pounds
Cyber Acoustics 62W 2.1 Stereo SpeakerWired Subwoofer9.70 lbs

What Is a 2.1 Speaker?

A 2.1 speaker has a left and right channel plus a subwoofer channel. It is a three-piece speaker consisting of 2 satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. This unit will transform your room and fill it with quality sound and the best if you love bass.

Each channel has a specific sound that is assigned to it. It has a good listening experience and is best suitable for apartments or small rooms. This is because it doesn’t take much space or require much wiring.

Gokuid BT 101 120W

best 2.1 speakers

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This 2.1 speaker has its place when it comes to good sound. It is the best option if you want an incredible listening experience because it will boost the performance of your home theatre, POC, Xbox, or any other device you’re using.

With this subwoofer type of speaker, you have several connectivity options, including Bluetooth, RCA, USB, among others. Also, it doesn’t take much space because you can mount it on the wall. Here is why you need to purchase it.

The Gokiud BT 101, featuring Bluetooth version 5.0, brings a theater experience to your living room. As an improvement to the older BT models, the BT 101 120W boasts well-tuned drivers for exceptional sound quality.

Moreover, there’s an improvement in the design. Its two soundbars can be joined into one and slipped under your TV or detached and separately placed in different locations.

Features and Benefits


This 2.1 speaker model allows you to enjoy your favorite music, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream your best music genres from your tablet or mobile phone to this sound unit anytime.

This saves you from dealing with many connection wires and cables that would mess your space. In addition, the speaker enhances your TV watching experience with quality sound and clear pictures on your screen. This is possible when its connection passes through HDMI.


You can trust this speaker for its quality sound. The feature ensures that you watch your movies or play games without any sound hiccups thanks to the drivers in the full-range speakers and the TV’s soundbars, not to mention the subwoofer of 5.25’’ that keeps the flow of a deep bass sound in your room.

Another functionality feature of this speaker is the remote control. You won’t have to move from your couch whenever you want to increase the volume. All you do is press the right button and do your ears some justice.

Also, unlike most speakers, the Gokuid unit is easy to connect because it has several alternatives for connection.

Stand Out Features

Looking at its connectivity capability, the Gokuid BT 101 is a top-notch 2.1 channel speaker. It supports not only wireless connections (Bluetooth) but also physical connections like HDMI, USB, RCA, and auxiliary.

With a peak power rating of 240W, the subwoofer is capable of deep bass sounds. If your television supports HDMI arc, then you can conveniently connect it to this soundbar via HDMI.

Although it doesn’t support NTFS, Gokuid BT 101 supports exFAT and FAT32


  • Easy setup instructions
  • Ideal for medium rooms
  • It comes with connection cables


  • Accessible lows and highs
  • Limited to HDMI connection only

Samsung HW-A450/ZA 

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You will appreciate this 2.11 speaker for its sound optimization. It is best for TVs and Bluetooth connections. Also, there are no wires used in connection, and therefore your space will remain tidy. Keep on reading to know why you should purpose to buy this unit.

The state-of-the-art Samsung HW-A450/ZA comes along with a 4.2 Bluetooth connection. It’s a thumbs up to Samsung for doing away with the cables in the previous generation’s soundbars. This particular soundbar comes with the Game Mode—a popular ultra-modern feature for perfectly syncing audio and action!

Features and Benefits


This soundbar speaker requires less hustle when it comes to connecting it to your television. This is because it is wireless and bluetooth enabled. However, you must be keen to ensure your television is Bluetooth enabled before purchasing this speaker.


One of the things that stand out in this speaker is the deep bass sound. The wireless subwoofer brings about this benefit and the bass boosting feature available on the soundbar. This gives you an additional bass and makes your listening and viewing moments worth the time.

The makers of this unit also had gamers in mind. They included directional audio that helps a gamer be in line with action on the TV. Also, this feature helps cancel noise distractions that could hinder the gamer from focusing. However, you must ensure that the game console is compatible with your television.

The other functionality feature of this 2.1 speaker is the remote control. This gives you control over both the speaker and whatever content you are streaming.

Stand Out Features

The speaker has both wireless and wired capabilities. You can connect to the soundbar via Bluetooth or USB cable. For game lovers, Samsung HW-A450/ZA has a game mode for the precise production of gaming effects. Ultimately, with a 300W subwoofer, the speaker is capable of excellent audio output.


  • Easy to install
  • Great in bass
  • Best for televisions


  • Highly-priced
  • Not best for music

TCL Alto 6+ 2.1

This 2.1 speaker is among the best, and you might be lost in the entertainment moment thanks to it. It is best for televisions, mobile phones, and tablets. It boasts quality sound clarity, and here are more features of the unit. 

If weight matters to you, then the Alto 6+ is for you. At only 9 pounds, the speakers can be conveniently carried from one place to another, unlike their heavier predecessors.

There’s also an improvement in the sound quality. It’s capable of Virtual Surround Sound, thanks to the new Dolby Digital decoding function.

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Features and Benefits


This is a Dolby digital speaker, and therefore it perfectly makes your sound clearer. This feature also helps the speaker to saturate your room with great virtual surround sound. Another outstanding feature of the device is the wireless subwoofer that comes in handy in providing you with a deep base.

This will revive your movie watching or music listening zeal. Also, the sound modes of the speaker are made with a specialty to ensure that they give a real-life watching and listening moment.

If you listen to music, the speaker will bring out the vocals and instruments used without missing any element.


A 2.1 speaker can’t be complete if it does not have the connectivity feature. Fortunately, you can connect the TCL Alto 6+ to Bluetooth, a feature that allows you to stream your music wirelessly to your unit.

This saves you from dealing with messy wires and connection cables. Setting up this speaker is easy, and you can also access the sound settings easily. The unit also limits distractions, and that way, you can focus on whatever content you are listening to or watching.

Stand Out Features

With a myriad of connectivity options—HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical—Alto 6+ soundbars have a place in today’s fast-paced audio player innovations. It doesn’t disappoint on sound quality either.

It features the Dolby Digital sound technology and is capable of deep and loud bass. Ultimately, it doesn’t clutter your room; it’s mountable on the wall.


  • Best for a TV upgrade
  • It has a unique design
  • Supports all inputs of an audio


  • Not well polished 
  • Unreliable soundbars

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

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You will love this speaker for its unique yet simple design. You have a reason to trust this unit because it comes from Klipsch, which is a reputable brand. This computer speaker is reliable and among the best that are available in the market. In case you are doubting, below are the features that make it outstanding.

With a THX Certified system, Klipsch ProMedia has a truly revolutionary sound experience for movies and television.

Unlike the previous versions, ProMedia makes use of the Micro Tractrix Horn Technology for exceptional sound clarity, which is very crucial for gaming addicts. Every watt of power now counts for sound clarity!

Features and benefits


You can be sure to have a sound experience that is immersive and irresistible. Although it is a computer speaker, this unit is compatible with TV, game consoles, or music player.

It has a maximum output of 260 watts which means that your experience with it will not be below average. Also, the speaker’s bass response is real, thanks to the ported subwoofer feature that raises the power and attitude of the unit.

Also, the speaker is made with the Klipsch Microtractrix Horn technology, which makes its design efficient enough for sound reproduction.

This is done from every power watt, and therefore the sound can easily be controlled and dispersed. 


One of the things to look for when buying a 2.1 speaker is whether it is versatile or not. This Klipsch speaker is versatile, and you can use it to listen to music, play games, or watch movies. You can count on it to fill your room with a perfect sound for the mentioned activities.

Stand Out Features

Klipsch ProMedia fits the bill for that gaming audiophile who wants rich audio effects. With a peak power of 260 watts, it’s explosively loud! Its two satellites have 2.99″ midrange drivers that perfectly complement the 6.49″ ported subwoofer for deep bass response. The side-firing woofer is THX Certified.


  • Made for an audiophile 
  • Easy to control subwoofer
  • The power light on the speakers is too bright


  • Rumbly and blunt basses
  • Sharp highs and Mids.

Cyber Acoustics Speakers

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This is the next best 2.1 speaker option, and it will end your search for quality sound. You can use it to listen to music, watch movies, play games, or on computers. This unit guarantees quality and durability since it’s from Cyber Acoustics, one of the best speaker brands.

Flat-panel computer monitors have taken center stage in the modern display design. Cyber Acoustics has considered this and developed speakers with a new flat panel contemporary design that blends perfectly with the said set-ups.

Further, these Cyber Acoustics speakers come with a control pod to conveniently control the sound system.

Features and Benefits


This is the number one feature of this unit and the reason why most people like it. It has diverse connectivity options. You can connect it to your TV, desktop, iPod, or smartphone. It pairs easily with Bluetooth, allowing you to stream your content conveniently.


The functionality of this speaker is unmatchable, and it’s the main reason you should not think twice about buying it. It boasts LED drivers that allow you to select a color that will rhyme with your room’s theme. Isn’t this interesting?

You can choose green, blue, yellow, white, red, purple, among other colors. Also, the lights come in handy if you have a party and would like to enhance and sophisticate the lighting.

Additionally, the remote control system is found on the right side of the subwoofer. It gives you the freedom to control the speaker’s lights, volume, power, etc. Generally, spending money on this 2.1 speaker will be a wise move.

Stand Out Features

Its two satellites have two 2″ drivers. They help in the crisp production of medium and high frequencies. Further, the satellites are set at a slanted angle for a great listening experience. The 2.25-inch port subwoofer has  5.25-inch drivers ideal for clean punchy bass. The satellites contribute to its aesthetics—flat, with a contemporary black finish.


  • Centralized control system
  • It has LED lights
  • Versatile
  • It gives value for money


  • The subwoofer is small
  • The power button is poorly placed.

Logitech Z623 400 Watt 2.1 Speaker

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If you are looking for something affordable and straightforward, this is the best option. The speakers work well with DVD players, smartphones and tablets, TVs. It is also THX certified and therefore it’s sound is worth your money. Here are reasons why you should have this speaker in your room.

The modern Logitech Z623 is made to last. It combines durability and immersive quality audio to beat all its predecessors. Its intense audio is strong enough for large entertainment rooms.

Features and Benefits


This is a wired device, unlike most 2.1 speakers. However, that doesn’t make it any less functional. It boasts several inputs, and therefore you can connect it to your TV, tablet, desktop, or other devices. Nevertheless, your device must have an RCA input.


The makers of this speaker designed it to give you an authentic sound experience. It features a quality sound and is THX–certified, thus guaranteeing you immersive gaming, listening, or watching moments. 

By looking at the speaker, you might underestimate it. However, you will be surprised by its big sound delivery thanks to the subwoofer and the two satellite speakers. Additionally, the inputs and the RCA are made to be easily plugged into your devices.

Stand Out Features

Most users praise the mid-tier Logitech Z623 for its superb bass, clean high frequencies, and excellent midrange frequencies. The audio is  THX certified and has a smooth control knob. The subwoofer runs at a peak power of 130W(RMS), and the two satellites, each at 35W, for a compelling sound. Although it’s typically meant for computers, its auxiliary input is compatible with gaming consoles like PlayStation.


  • Fairly priced
  • Great sound quality
  • The unit has a high volume


  • Uncontrollable bass

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 Speakers

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There are many reasons why you will love this speaker. It is best used with your desktop or laptop because it is efficiently powered for them. The device has a UBS connection, and it serves your needs perfectly.

The Creative Pebble Plus has undergone a subwoofer redesigning for absolute power and depth. The new ported subwoofer has room for an immense output for the same amount of energy as the older models.

Further, the  4″ down-firing subwoofer produces deep and amplified bass sounds and thus has a special place in the modern era.

Features and Benefits


You can easily adjust the volume of your music or movie because this speaker has volume controls that are accessible. They are located on the front part of the speaker, and therefore you won’t struggle. Also, its sleek design is something that will make a statement in your living room. This is because it is simple, sophisticated, and doesn’t occupy much space.


The manufacturers of this device had your best interest in mind. They designed the subwoofer with power and depth. This ensures that the performance of the audio is better than that of other devices.

Also, your convenience is factored in by this device because you won’t have connected it to sockets thanks to the USB connectivity. Additionally, if you want an increased power output, you do it by switching on a button to access the high gain mode.

Stand Out Features

The creative pebble plus subwoofer and satellites run at a total peak power of  8W. Although the power rating is not so high, the satellites are tilted at 45 degrees to your face for a good listening experience. They’re best suited for computers. The Creative Pebble Plus has an elegant design—the satellites’ curved shell makes them resemble the actual sea pebbles! It’s thoroughly aesthetic if that’s necessary for you.


  • Provides an optimal sound stage
  • Well balanced speakers
  • Available in several colors


  • No Bluetooth
  • Made for simple uses

Saiyin Sound Bars

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One of the best features of this speaker is the connectivity to several devices. It has multiple options for connection and therefore can comfortably support tablets, phones. TV, PC, or any other device that has Bluetooth. Here are some more reasons why this 2.1 speaker is worth your money.

A soundbar without a wireless connection is gradually losing meaning in the current era. That’s why Saiyin soundbars now come with a strong built-in Bluetooth function that can stream as far as 10 meters.

You can access the soundbar with your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or even your digital TV from anywhere around the house. Ultimately, the new piano paint is seamlessly compatible with the appearance of modern computers.

Features and benefits


This home speaker is designed with three different modes of sound, all of which you can adjust using a remote. This makes it accommodative to different types of users. Also, the volume is controllable by using the buttons on the soundbar to switch to your preferred mode.

Whether you are watching, gaming or listening to music, this unit will serve you well.

Also, the unit has two speakers with a full range, which ensures that you don’t miss any detail of your content. Also, you won’t have to worry about any sound distortion.


You will fall in love with these speakers because of their sleek and elegant design. It is something you will be proud to have in your room. Also, the design makes it easy for you to set up the unit in the area that you find best.

Stand Out Features

The Saiyin soundbar supports wireless connections via Bluetooth and physical connections like RCA, auxiliary and optical. At a peak power rating of 70W, it features a moderately punchy bass and powerful highs and mids. You can mount it on the wall or place it on the desk.


  • Great sound output
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great for the price


  • Not made for all TVs.
  • No warranty included

Cyber Acoustics 62W 2.1 Stereo Speaker

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Get value for your money by buying this high-quality 2.1 speaker. It is among the best available in the market currently. The device is recommended that you use it for computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones. The price of this unit is favorable, considering the features it boasts.

To deliver strong punches in the audio lows, Cyber Acoustics revolutionized this 2.1 channel speaker by assigning two drivers to each satellite speaker and complementing that with a well-tuned port.

When you combine that with a 5.20″ down-firing subwoofer, the result is crystal-clear audio with a powerful bass at low frequencies.

Features and Benefits


You will have a good experience with this brand. Thanks to the enclosed sub-woofer, its functionality is on another level, which enhances its sound and gives you a deep listening time. Another feature is the satellite that boasts efficient drivers that separate the stereo.

You will have complete control over the operations of this speaker because it has a control pod. It has an LED power indicator, bass control unit and can easily be connected to your phone, tablet, or computer.

The other fantastic functionality feature is the systems’ power watts that make it fill the room with a sound too good to resist. You can count the system for undistorted audio and excellent bass performance.


A good 2.1 speaker is versatile. This means it can serve you on different devices. You can use it on various mobile devices, desktops, and PCs. Any of these units does not compromise the quality of the sound. Therefore, you should expect to have a listening experience that is worth your money.

Stand Out Features

The total peak power of the system is 62 Watts, that is, 30 watts (RMS), producing clear and loud audio for rich gaming and movies experience.

Though the speakers aren’t remote-controlled, they come with an easy-to-operate control pod. The satellites slant backward for a good listening experience.


  • Good for the price
  • Great in volume control
  • Great in performance 
  • Convenient pod adjustments


  • The bass is not rich neither deep
  • The small speakers produce a humming sound

Buyers Guide for Best 2.1 Speakers

Different features make a good sound device. This is why it is essential to identify the features that make a speaker the best in the market. Is it that time when you feel you need to replace your speakers with better ones? The 2.1 speakers might be a better option for you. 

Maybe you still have questions about how you can identify a good 2.1 speaker since they are many. Do not worry; this buyer’s guide will help you identify the features that make a good speaker. Keep on reading for more details.


2.1 speakers are priced differently. However, the amount of money you should spend on the device is dictated by the features it boasts. For example, a speaker with many functional and connectivity features might cost more than the one with less.

It is therefore critical to identify the features that you need most in a speaker. This is the safest way to get value for your money because you won’t miss the features.


Times have changed, and technology has introduced speakers that you can connect to other devices. 2.1 speakers are available in two options: wired and wireless. The wireless speakers feature an unmatchable connectivity feature.

You can use them with your phone, tablet, or TV because they are Bluetooth enabled. This is why before making a purchase, you should check if the speaker is wired or wireless and choose what fits your preference.

However, you stand to gain much with the wireless ones because they don’t fill your room with wires, nor do they alter sound quality.

Sound Quality 

When it comes to the quality of sound, people have varying tastes. What sounds good to one person may be too low for the other. However, sound quality is the most accurate feature that helps you choose a good 2.1 speaker.

There are many models in the market with different sound qualities. The easiest way to choose the best is to listen to a number of them or even take time to watch a movie. Ensure you have carried a collection of your best music so that you may be accurate when selecting.

The testing might take a long time, but it’s worth it. You do not want to buy something that will not meet your sound expectations. By listening to live music, you will distinguish the great sound from the rest.

Among the factors that determine the sound quality are the power ratings and the frequency response range.


Speakers are effective depending on the areas that you place them. Some are meant for outdoor use and others for indoor. However, most 2.1 speakers are for living rooms, but your choice should be based on the size of your room. You don’t want to purchase a speaker that will make you uncomfortable or damage your ears.

Therefore, it is good to make your choice depending on the dimension of your room and what is in it.

Speaker Type

Design is another critical factor to consider when buying a 2.1 speaker. As mentioned earlier, the market has a vast collection of different speakers. They include subwoofers, portable, floor standing, soundbar, satellite, among others.

Others are designed to be fixed on the wall, while some require in-wall fixing. Additionally, some speakers are wireless while others are wired, and all these factors are essential to consider because they will determine the mode and ease of installation.

Let’s break this down for you by discussing some of the options.

  • In-wall speakers-These types of speakers are grilled into the wall. You can paint them on their grills to your room’s matching. The painting also makes the speakers invisible.
  • Portable speakers are wirelessly connected, and you can carry them with ease and fun from one place to another.
  • Floor standing speakers– When it comes to quality sound, these speakers are unmatchable. The secret behind the sound is enclosed drivers. However, if you go the floor standing way, be ready to have the speakers occupy much of your room which might interfere with the layout of your space.


Many people ignore this factor, but it is crucial. Each day comes with technological advancement, and therefore you should be open to what the device comes with. Some of these unique features include LED lightings, headphone jacks, remote controls, and bass knobs.

All these play a significant role in enhancing your listening, gaming, or watching experience.

Speaker Optimization

This is the last factor, and it’s also of essence despite being the last. Once you have your 2.1 speaker home, it’s time to do some connection, installation, and placing the speakers at the places you find best. However, this is a sweaty task, but it’s unexceptional.

You need to be aware that some speakers boast high-quality sound when placed against the wall. Others will need their own space to give you the sound you desire. It is, therefore, reasonable to check on this factor as you connect and install your 2.1 speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there 2.1 speakers that use batteries?

Yes. Not all speakers are powered. Some use batteries, and you will be required to charge them once they are down.

2. Are 2.1 speakers ideal for televisions?

Yes, most of them are suitable for your television, and you can stream your content if your choice is Bluetooth enabled.

3. Which is the best speaker for my TV?

TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 is the best for your television because it is wireless and Bluetooth enabled. Also, the speaker has special features for both listening and watching experiences.


And there you have it. Don’t settle for your device’s speakers when you know you can get better ones without breaking the bank. This article has discussed everything about 2.1 speakers. Get one of them, or even two if you have a pc or gaming console in a different room, and improve your listening experience.

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